Fireworks, tall corn, and short people don’t mix

By Joel Penhorwood

If you’ve met me, chances are you’ve noticed I haven’t been bestowed with the gift of height. The Good Lord above saw it fit that I was more “down to earth” in a very realistic sense.

My lovely wife and I were at a friend’s house for the Fourth of July, enjoying pool time and waiting for dusk before the local fireworks appeared on the horizon. Keep in mind this house was just slightly out of town, close enough to have a good view of the pyrotechnics.

As 10 o’clock rolled around it came time to migrate to the front yard to see the rockets. Lightning bugs floated on the breeze while the corn was softly swaying. Then as the fireworks began, we realized “Hey, wait a minute — we can’t see a dang thing!”

Knee high by the Fourth of July my foot! This corn had tasseled and was full steam ahead into reproduction stages when our motley crew gathered behind it to view the fireworks on the other side.

No matter the fireworks mishap, we had a great time enjoying freedoms that we take far too much for granted in this great country of ours. And while I’m glad we live in the land of plenty where agricultural producers can grow what they want where they want, hopefully the local farmer’s crop rotation holds true and we’re back into beans by next year’s fireworks.

I know I’m short, but gosh, hopefully I can see over top of those.

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