2018 I-75/I-71 Ohio Crop Tour summary

After an almost ideal growing area for some and not so much for others, we were not sure quite what to expect in the 2018 I-75/I-71 Ohio Crop Tour. We had heard about a wet start to the growing season followed by a long dry spell, but we weren’t sure just what the state’s corn and soybean fields would have to offer.

There were certainly some examples that showed up in fields on the 2018 I-75/I-71 Ohio Crop Tour displaying evidence of some challenging conditions, but for the most part what we found was a crop that might just meet what USDA has suggested, a record crop. The 2018 Ohio Crop Tour was sponsored by AgroLiquid.

In the West, the I-75 group had an average corn yield of 180.3 bushels on Day 1 and 191.8 bushels on Day 2. The Eastern leg of the Ohio Crop Tour averaged 188.07 bushels on Day 1 and 182.3 bushels on Day 2. After all calculations were made, the total tour average was 186.7. Each year, we have an in-depth discussion over dinner with scouts from both legs about what they saw in the field and out of the truck window. We realize that what we sampled over the week was what the full potential of corn is at this time. We took into account that their will be a bit of a drop off from that 100% potential with much of the crop having a little ways to go to get to the finish line. Because of that factor, the group collectively decided that our final yield number will be 177.3 bushels per acre. Scouts felt that this is a good number for the fields we sampled, and very close to what USDA says is out there as harvest nears. The formula used in estimating corn yields is accurate plus or minus 30 bushels for the areas of the fields sampled and the Crop Tour is designed to simply provide a snapshot of yields around the state.

This year, we found solid, consistent soybean fields across the board. They were healthy and there was little disease and insect pressures and the insects had been there but had moved on.

The corn was very uniform in most of the state, with the exception of pockets that got planted significantly later or that just did not receive the moisture it needed for the highest potential possible.

Here are links for more details about the 2018 I-75/I-71 Ohio Crop Tour.

The 2018 Ohio Crop Tour – I-71 Leg – Day 1

The 2018 Ohio Crop Tour – I-75 Leg – Day 1

The 2018 Ohio Crop Tour – I-75 Leg – Day 2

The 2018 Ohio Crop Tour – I-71 Leg – Day 2

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