2018 Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour – Day 1

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By Ty Higgins, Ohio Ag Net

This will be my 7th year on the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour and I look forward to showing you what I am seeing across the Corn Belt. You can also follow on social media with #PFTour18. Today we head from Central Ohio to Central Indiana and our 12 scout teams will cover a lot of ground. Time to hit the road! – Ty

Final Pro Farmer Results for Ohio

Corn: 179.57 bushels per acre

Soybeans: 1,248.20 pods in a 3 foot by 3 foot square

Hamilton County, Indiana

Our last stop of Day 1 and although it may look a whole lot better than our last stop…it is worse. These ears are a great size but size isn’t all that matters here. Populations were well below what we have been sampling today and pollination issues were noticed as well. Our yield calc here is 127. Ending on a down note. Soybeans were podded all the way to the tips, but there weren’t many pods to speak of per plant. Our pod count in the 3 foot square is 623, also the lowest of the day.

Madison County, Indiana

This corn is not very far along and these samples have not been what we are used to seeing today. The later planting may have hampered development in this area of Indiana and it looks like drought was to blame as well. Our yield check here is 135, our lowest of the day. Soybeans were planted in 30 inch rows and population was much higher than previous checks as a result. Unfortunately, this farmer will not see the pod count that he was likely hoping for. Our 3 x 3 foot count is 892.8.

Delaware County, Indiana

This field has the most disease pressure we have seen so far today and a good chunk of it is above the ear. With shorter ears coming out at our sample point, the higher population will help boost this number, as will an 18 around. This corn is getting more mature as we go west. Our yield estimate here is 196.7. Soybeans were better than we have seen at the past few stops with stalks podded all the way to the top. A few grasshoppers seen here, but little to no disease. Soil was still tacky from a recent rain which will help these beans to the finish line. Our pod count in a 3 x 3 foot square is 1330.

Randolph County, Indiana

Our boots are muddy after this stop. Plenty of moisture here and the corn looks good from the road and by the ears. The question is will this corn be there for the combine at harvest. Green snap had taken place recently and there will not be enough time to recover. About 40% of this field has been effected. Despite that, our yield check was 208. Soybeans were coming along nicely and had a decent stand. Pop count here was on the low side and there were no new blooms to be seen. Our pod count was 883 in a 3 x 3 foot square.

Darke County, Ohio

No time to stop by the county fair, so have a corn dog for me! I am in the back listening to my two scout colleagues in the front seat talking about how USDA’s numbers were higher than expected but after our first stop, I think they are getting the hint.

Another great looking field of corn here. Well into dent again and ear fill was ideal. Population was solid and our average arounds was over 16. Yield check here is 219. These soybeans had weather stress that we haven’t seen much of over the past 2 weeks. Our goal is to find the most representative part of the field to get a fair calc. It was still a low pod count of 633 in a 3 x 3 foot square.

Shelby County, Ohio

We have a split route today, so one group is taking samples from Central Ohio to Ft. Loramie and my group will be starting just west of there and finishing the route to Central Indiana. With me today is a Crop Insurance agent from Minnesota and a grain buyer from Singapore. Our new friend from overseas is pretty overwhelmed with how much green space we have. His country is all concrete and tall buildings. For fun, he goes to the mall and to the movies. Gives you a greater appreciation of what I see everyday out here.

Our first stop was Dollar General. Turns out we left our 30 foot rope at the hotel. I have in the back seat measuring out 30 feet of the cheap 50 foot rope we found.

Our first actual field did not disappoint. All 3 ears pulled in this sample were filled nicely and very heavy. Kernal depth was impressive and our yield estimate 191. Soybeans are calculated by pods in a 3 foot by 3 foot square and that number here is 1,836. These beans were very healthy and pretty well done setting pods. Moisture levels here were not great. Seemed drier than I expected it to be. The rains coming will be welcomed here.


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  1. I feel that the crops in Madison County are the best ever. Where in the world did you find corn OR beans like those?

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