Nitrogen Loss May Be the Theme of Crop Tour

By Ty Higgins, Ohio Ag Net

As the 2018 Ohio Crop Tour proved last week, this year’s corn and soybean crop may be a record breaker for the state. But, could it have been even better?

“The thing that I noticed early in the growing season was that farmers didn’t stabilize their nitrogen,” said Brett Barton, Ohio’s Sales Manager for AgXplore. “We are seeing the effects of that as we wind down the growing season.”

Because of a lack of heavy root setting in many corn fields in the spring, much of the nitrogen that was applied may not have made it to the plant before it left the soil profile. Barton says products like NZONE MAX or ContaiN to stabilize nitrogen and keep it accessible to the corn for a longer period of time.

“Those products work by taking the nitrogen molecule and binding it to a soil colliod, which plays an important role in ion exchange and fertility,” Barton said. “We are not detrimental to the soil health and we do not kill bacteria and that makes us a different breed in the nitrogen stabilizer business.”

Results in test plots show a 5 to 30 bushel advantage when using AgXplore’s line of products.

“As I traveled the state throughout the growing season I have seen field after field begin to fire at an early stage of development,” Barton said. “Yes, this may be a very big crop this year, but you have to wonder if a little more investment in a nutrient plan could have made it even bigger.”

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