Ohio Cattlemen’s Association launches redesigned website

The Ohio Cattlemen’s Association (OCA), a non-profit membership organization that represents the business interests and way of life important to Ohio’s cattle families, recently launched a revamped website. The newly redesigned site is mobile friendly and offers easy access to information about upcoming events and programs while offering more online registration capabilities. The site can be found at the same address, www.ohiocattle.org.

While visiting the site, members will benefit from the increased use of visual aids that assist in navigation and can stay informed from a highlighted “Latest News” section on the home page. The latest issue of the Ohio Cattleman magazine is also available for viewing within the same browser under the “Magazine” tab.

Join or renew an OCA membership online by clicking “Become a Member” and then selecting the type of membership that best applies: Producer, Associate, Ohio Young Cattleman or Allied Industry Council.

In addition, users have the ability to share web pages to their own social media channels to further disseminate information regarding Ohio’s cattle industry.

Explore the new www.ohiocattle.org and check back frequently for regular updates. For questions regarding the new website, please email cattle@ohiocattle.org.

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