Autonomous tractors on display at FSR

Ag Info Tech is proud to announce they will soon become 1 of 10 Smart Ag dealers in the United States. The Smart Ag innovative technology will allow farmers to automate their existing equipment and maximize its efficiency and capacity.

Smart Ag will improve farmer’s operational capacity by enabling them to use automation and driverless technology on their farms.

“My dad was born in 1911 and witnessed many great advances in agriculture first-hand, from pulling equipment with horses, to tractors to auto steer,” said Tim Norris, Ag Info Tech CEO and VP Sales. “I never imagined that I would be able to experience change on the level he has, but this advanced level of artificial intelligence (AI) with Smart Ag will rapidly change how agriculture operations are performed. In comparison, Smart Ag and autonomous equipment will be as big as the tractor was after the horse.”

Smart Ag, based in Ames, Iowa is an investor-backed technology company developing autonomous farming solutions for row crop agriculture. The company was founded in 2015 and is offering aftermarket retrofit kits to automate farm equipment, as well as a platform to connect, manage, and safely operate autonomous agricultural machinery. Smart Ag is led by successful ag entrepreneur Colin Hurd and former John Deere ISG and Ag Leader Manager Mark Barglof.

For more information about Smart Ag and to request a demo of Smart Ag’s technology, visit Ag Info Tech at the 2018 Farm Science Review at Lot #394, which is at the corner of Silage Street and Friday Avenue. Ag Info Tech will also have a Smart Ag system running this fall in Knox County, Ohio. Smart Ag will go into full release in 2019.

For more information about Ag Info Tech, visit their website at, email Tim Norris at or call (740) 507-2503.

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