Carter Miller and Parker Reese checked out this ethanol powered hot rod on display.

Farm Science Review 2018 photo highlights (and memories)

“Welp, we’re going to try and get around the grounds pretty quickly today so we can get you boys back to school before the end of the day.”

The two third grade boys in the back seat looked at each other with genuine concern.

We were on our way to the 2018 Farm Science Review with my friend Jon Miller, his son, Carter, and my son, Parker. This was the first time visiting the show for the two excited farm boys.

Jon took the boys around the exhibit area in the morning before working an afternoon shift in the Ohio Corn and Wheat building and then I took the boys out to the harvest demonstration area in the afternoon to help me with taking photos. The boys helped me find good ears of corn and the best-looking combines in the field for picture subject matter. They also provided entertaining commentary about their differing paint colors of choice, rooting on the combines accordingly.

The Farm Science Review is part of the culture for many agricultural families in Ohio who make it a tradition each year to attend. Joel Penhorwood was recently reminiscing about his fond memories of visiting the event with his dad.

“Dad has always spent quite a bit of time with my two older brothers and I. As the youngest though, it wasn’t always the easiest thing to find one-on-one time. Farm Science Review was that special day. It was just Dad and me doing something together,” Joel said. “I’m not sure he’ll ever know how much it meant to me.”

As a dad, I now understand how special these kinds of memories are from the parents’ perspective too. As we left the FSR gates after a full day, my son asked nervously, “What time is it?”

Knowing the reason for the question, Jon said: “I’m not sure, but if we hurry, we might just be able to get you back to class before the end of the day.”

I pulled out my phone and checked the time.

“Nope, Jon, there is no way we can make it back to school now. Too bad.”

The relief on the boys’ faces was as evident as their smiles from their first fond memories of the Farm Science Review. I was hot and tired as we walked out of the grounds that afternoon, but I was smiling too.

Check out these photo highlights from the 2018 Farm Science Review.

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