Frank Burkett and Mick Heiby

New owners for Hills Supply

Hills Supply, the well-known dairy supply company founded in 1979 has new owners. Partners Frank Burkett and Mick Heiby completed their purchase of the company on Nov. 1, 2018 and immediately announced the purchase to the Hills employees and more than 850 customers.

Frank Burkett is a fourth-generation dairyman and the managing partner of Clardale Farms in Stark County, Ohio where they currently milk 695 head of Holstein cattle, raise replacements, and manage 900 acres of land for crop production. He has served as chairman of the Hills Supply transition team since the tragic death of David Hill, and his wife, Shin in December of 2016. Burkett is also the current president of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation.

“We see ourselves and our company as partners in production with our customers. Our experience in the industry gives us the unique understanding of the dairy business necessary to best serve dairy producers,” Burkett said.

Mick Heiby has been a member of the Hills Supply team since 2009 serving as a dairy hygiene specialist and account manager. Prior to his employment with Hills, he held a number of positions that provided unique experiences key to the dairy industry including field representative for Milk Marketing, Inc., Farm Inspection Section Head for the Ohio Department of Agriculture, and vice president of agricultural banking at National City Bank. He was also a partner in several dairy operations including Dalwood Farms.

“Our number one goal is to maintain and improve the excellent customer relationships and service that have been hallmarks of the company since its creation in 1979. We are going to put our customers and employees first. Everything else will work itself out,” Heiby said.

Together the partners are a dynamic leadership team poised to lead the dedicated men and women who make Hills Supply a premium supplier of dairy equipment and supplies in Ohio and the surrounding states. Their combined and varied experience in the agriculture and dairy industries puts them in a unique position to understand the challenges facing modern dairy farmers and to offer cost-effective solutions to their customers.

Hills Supply will host a series of meet and greet events in December where dairymen and women can meet with the new owners, current staff, and key vendors. The meet and greets will be held at five locations during the week of Dec. 17.

  • Monday, Dec. 17 at Hoss’s Family Steak & Sea House
    1948 Leesburg-Grove City Rd, Grove City, PA 16127
  • Tuesday, Dec. 18 at Das Dutch Kitchen
    14278 East Lincoln way (US 30), Dalton, OH 44618
  • Wednesday, Dec. 19 Deer Creek Lodge
    22300 State Park Rd 20, Mt. Sterling, OH 43143
  • Thursday, Dec. 20 Romer’s Catering
    321 South Eastern Ave (SR 118), St. Henry, OH 45883

Friday, Dec. 21 Kahle Farms
9351 County Road I-15 Ottawa, OH 45875

Appetizers and refreshments will be served. All dairy producers are welcome. Please RSVP via email to: or call 330-854-5720.

“We are excited for the opportunity to meet our customers and fellow dairyman from Ohio and the surrounding states,” Heiby said.

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