Ohio farm shop provides added space and efficiency

When Pickaway County farmers, Myron and Leo Metzger, outgrew their 3,000 square-foot farm shop, they decided to expand in a big way. Their new farm shop is nearly six times larger, providing not only the additional space they needed, but also greater efficiency.

“At the former shop, we were actually working on repairs outside, since it wasn’t big enough for the newer, larger equipment,” said Myron Metzger. “When the new shop was completed, everyone questioned the need for so much space, but we’re glad to have ample room.”

Metzger Brothers Farms, located near Circleville, was established in 1974 and the two brothers have continued to farm together since then. The recently added shop, designed and built by Morton Buildings, includes over 17,000 square feet of shop and equipment storage space, plus a 24- by 30-foot office with refrigerator and shower.

Metzger said the spacious shop allows a lot of flexibility. “It really gives us the ability to service one or multiple pieces of equipment at the same time,” he said. “It’s just a pleasure to work in.”

The shop is also designed for greater efficiency, including a 50-foot wide hydraulic door that provides easy access for the operation’s largest equipment, including a combine with header.

“Whether it’s for repair or storage, it’s easy to pull our machinery right in, which is especially important during critical times like planting or harvest when repairs need to be made quickly,” he said.

The Metzgers also like the fact that the door is raised by two hydraulic cylinders on the side of each door and the shop’s 20-foot high ceiling. That provides plenty of overhead clearance for tall equipment, like their forklift, compared to conventional overhead doors which utilize an operating unit on a center overhead track, thus reducing door opening height from ceiling height.

Another plus is the shop’s in-floor heating system, which circulates heated water through tubes embedded in the concrete floor to provide comfortable, radiant warmth.

“It takes about half as much LP to heat this entire shop than our much smaller, older shop,” Metzger said.

The facility also has 9-inch thick R-30 wall insulation and a combination of 9-inch thick blanket insulation topped by blown-in fiberglass for an R-38 attic insulation level.

Farm shops can be a noisy environment, but the acoustical steel sound-dampening ceiling helps provide a quieter, more comfortable workspace, he added.

Even with the focus on open space and efficiency, the Metzger brothers did not overlook aesthetics. Their shop has a pleasing beige color with red trim, three decorative cupolas on the roof and plenty of windows with shutters.

“We do like windows with lots of natural light,” Metzger said.

The brothers are very pleased with the facility and see it meeting their needs for years to come.

“All of the infrastructure is just a step-up,” Metzger said. “We’re very comfortable with the way it was built and the products used.”


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