Thoughts from Facebook’s down-time

By Joel Penhorwood, Ohio Ag Net

On Monday afternoon, our office, like much of the world, experienced problems with Facebook crashing. This brought about various thoughts from my coworkers and I, all of whom apparently spend too much time on social media when we should otherwise be working.

“Is your Facebook working?”

The initial recognition of something gone wrong. This of course was followed by various bellows of “yes, mine is working” and “only Facebook on my phone is up”, trailed by the inevitable, “oh, wait, yeah mine is all down now too.”

“This could be the big one”

At the time you’re reading this, the big blue website is back up and running. While it was out, conspiracy theories rose to the extreme. Plus, this isn’t just a simple couple of minutes of it being down. Quick searches on CNN for articles explaining the situation are pointless. True entertainment is found on Twitter where the top trending hashtag #FacebookDown has the deep and meaningful memes that really help to solve the problem.

“Definitely the Russians”

When things on the world wide web go wrong, it’s always to the Ruskies that we place our first blame. In our defense, the way Facebook crashed was definitely suspicious, because the normal “Oops, something went wrong” page was replaced by words, a couple dead links, and the broken image error. *puts on tinfoil hat*

“Now how do I share my memes?”

This is a truly perplexing issue for many of our friends used to sharing every single analysis and thought of their life with others — in meme form — on Facebook.

“Gosh, where do I get agricultural news now??”

Not to worry! Though we share all of our news through social media like Facebook and Twitter, you can always come back to for the latest in articles, video, audio, and much more!

“Oh hey guys, it’s back up.”

This has to be shared at least once from each person in the office after their Facebook page successfully reloads.

“Wow! The last 15 minutes were the most productive of my eight months of employment! Back to Facebook I guess.”

You know who you are.

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