Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast, May 7, 2019

Scattered moisture will be threatening at least parts of the state over the next couple of days, but we really don’t see anything significant statewide until later Thursday.  Today we start off with scattered showers drifting out of southern and southeast MI down into far northern Ohio. We should stay partly sunny from at least US 30 southward, and scattered showers today will be mostly north of US 20. In those areas, we won’t rule out up to .2” of liquid, but probably will see a lot less…more like a few hundredths to a tenth. Tomorrow we should see a mix of clouds and sun statewide, while moisture consolidates farther to our west.

Thursday will turn out to be a rainy day statewide. Showers and thunderstorms cross the state, from mid-morning on through early Friday. The best action will be from Thursday afternoon through at least midnight Friday. Rain totals will end up in a range from .25”-1.5” with 80% coverage. However, the heaviest action still coming from I-70 southward. The map at right shows total rain potential now through midday Friday.

We should see sunshine remerge Friday midday to early afternoon as High pressure moves across the great lakes (in particular, southern Michigan) through the day Friday, ending up along the north shore of Lake Erie late in the day. This allows for partly to mostly sunny skies to come in behind all the rain, but also cools temps a nice little chunk. We remain sunny for Saturday with excellent evaporation potential. Friday’s evaporation will be limited a bit by cooler air.

Sunday remains a pesky little sibling in our forecast this morning. We would like to wave the “all clear” flag and be able to promise a nice, multi-day dry stretch across the state. But, alas, there still seems to be a threat of a little bit of moisture coming through. The thunderstorm threat is gone, as those still look to stay well south of the Ohio river. However, minor chances for showers are going to be with us off and on through the day, bringing up to .4” liquid and 70% coverage.

Monday will see lingering rain in northern parts of the state, particularly in NE Ohio, with rain totals up to .5”. This will be wrap around from that Sunday moisture that we seem unable to dodge. The southern half of the state will be partly sunny, and we should see clouds give way to sun in NW Ohio.

Partly sunny conditions are here Tuesday with great drying weather and a slight bump in temps. Temps should be near normal. Scattered showers are possible across 60% of the state next Wednesday, but moisture mostly limited to less than .3”. Clouds will mix with sun in areas where rain misses. We finish the 10-day window with sunshine next Thursday.

The extended period starts with a run of 4 more dry, sunny days. This takes us through Monday the 20th. Rain and thunderstorms arrive Tuesday the 21st and showers linger through Wednesday the 22nd. Rains from that system can be from .3”- 1.25”, and coverage close to 80%.

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