Twins, best friends, teammates

By Meredith Oglesby, OCJ FFA reporter

They had a pact to never compete, but twins Grant and Grace Lach broke that pact in May of 2018 for their individual efforts to earn a spot on the Ohio FFA State Officer Team.

“All throughout our time in the FFA we had a pact that we wouldn’t compete against each other and running for state office was the first time that we broke that pact,” said Grant Lach, 2018-19 State Vice President at Large.

With the bright lights, adrenaline pumping and the election results being announced, their broken pact made the big moment for anyone running for state office even bigger for the twins from the Bloom Carroll FFA Chapter. But, as it turns out, breaking the pact paid off. They are the first twins to ever serve together as state officers in Ohio.

Grant and Grace recently had the chance to reflect on what it was like to serve together on the 2018-19 state officer team. A year ago, their pact added to the nerves, and the excitement of the announcement of the election results. Grace had her named called first.

“It was scary to think that there was a chance that one of us wouldn’t get it, but the moment I heard his name called I was just so excited,” said Grace Lach, 2018-19 State Vice President at Large.

Grace and Grant have always gotten along well and throughout their time in FFA have worked as partners for Agriscience Fair projects. Their unique twin teamwork continued while serving as state FFA officers.

“There were several times throughout the year that I realized how phenomenal it was to have unlimited access to another state officer, whether it was asking for input on a workshop, figuring out how to divide up chapter visits, or practicing speeches. Even though we have grown closer through serving together, I feel that we have also both been able to really find ourselves individually too,” Grant said.

Their different experiences through the last year made serving as state officers better for both of them.

“Grant and I are very different people so our year has looked very different but it has been amazing to know that he is there for me if I need advice, a sounding board for my new ideas, or someone to tell how my chapter visit or event went,” Grace said. “I love when he gets home from a speech and just cannot wait to tell me about all the amazing members he met and fun he had,”

Their favorite part of serving together has been the growth that has happened through the year..

“Grace’s dedication to inclusion and celebration of diversity has really shown through in everything that she has done. I am so glad to have seen the impact that she has had on members across the state,” Grant said.

A strong support team is essential as challenges arise throughout the year as an officer.

“We would always be the first one available to call on a long drive back for a chapter visit. Life chats have been numerous, and we know that we can be honest with one another — even if it’s not exactly what we want to hear,” Grant said. “We both know very well that growth occurs in the same place that you experience challenge — being there for each other makes those challenges much more bearable.”

Twin selfies and endless twin jokes were just the beginning of the fun moments that happened as the result of serving together.

“At camp, Grant and I, because we are twins, we only counted as one for a slushie-shower and got coated in green slushie together,” Grace said.

Grant and Grace describe each other as positive and resilient. They are thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow together as they served the 26,000 Ohio FFA members during the past year.

“Serving as a state officer is already a true blessing, getting to do it with your best friend since birth just elevated the experience,” Grant said.







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