Conditions improving (finally) around Ohio

Nathan Brown — Highland County

We have missed some of the rains but you don’t have to go very far north, south or west of us and they have caught a lot of the rains. We have been fortunate enough to get some dry spells and get some work accomplished. We got the wheat all run and got the straw baled. We should finish sidedressing today and finish post- spraying the corn and I will start post- spraying beans today too.

I haven’t gone across the scales yet but we are figuring that we’ll have really close to 90-bushel wheat. I think spraying fungicide and all of the extra tings we try to do really paid off. We had really low vomitoxin levels. The test weight was pretty good and it was pretty well dry. I think the wettest we came out of the field was 14.5%. We just shipped it straight to town.

The straw actually turned out really good. We had a couple of little rain showers on it before we got it all baled. I think we ended up close to 100 bales per acre on the straw so we were pretty happy with that.

Things looks 100% better than they looked a week ago. The corn is finally starting to root down to that sidedress nitrogen and that is helping it along. Two weeks ago the corn was really yellow and really short. Things are growing and greening up and looking better corn wise.

Beans have been in the ugly stage for the last month. They are just now starting to come out of it. We are still far from being canopied and I am afraid the weeds are going to out compete us. We walked out in some bean fields and found a spot or two of frogeye. There are some other locations with more, but the dryer weather has slowed things down.

Driving around the neighborhood I see a lot of variability in crops. There was a lot of replanting and more prevented planting than I thought. I think this crop is going to be late all year.

Andrew Armstrong — Clark County

We are getting the warm weather and the corn is absolutely loving it. Some of our early corn has started tasseling on just the few acres we were able to plant in April. I was gone for the weekend and in just those two days it is incredible how much the corn has grown.

We finished sidedressing two weekends ago. Around our house we have corn fields planted a month apart. The later corn is catching up with the earlier corn. We have even seen the wetter spots coming around and looking pretty good. The rains we’re getting are keeping things going so everything on the corn side is looking pretty good. There are still holes out there and some uneven stands. It is funny, in some fields we are saying that it is looking pretty good but in an average year we’d say, “Oh that isn’t planted right.” It is what it is and we aren’t going to worry too much about it now. We’re going to be thankful for what we have and push the other acres to their full potential. We haven’t found any diseases yet, but we are going to keep a close eye on things to make sure nothing too bad happens out there.

Our beans are hot and cold depending on where you’re at but they are still going and we’re getting somewhere with them. We got all of the corn sprayed and one field left to spray for beans.

For the first time I can remember we were using both the TerraGator and the RoGator at the same time. On the hot humid days when we were spraying, you can roll over those beans and they just pop right back up.


Dylan Baer — Wood County

I have about 50% of my first-cutting hay made. We got a good start to the weather this week so I’ll mow the rest of it today, get it made and move right into wheat harvest. The quality was OK considering everything. It got pretty stemmy and the tons were way down. I mowed it and it got some rains on it and it seems like the alfalfa is coming back. It looks like it is filling in and may be halfway decent the next go around. I may try to replant some in some of my new seedings.

Wheat is looking good. There are some guys who started in the area. We are going to try some tomorrow afternoon. We have heard reports that the quality is not as good as what we were hoping for. We sprayed everything but we’ve heard that even with the spray there are some issues. We’re hoping to find out tomorrow.

We planted the fields that needed to be planted for landlord purposes. We replanted some beans too. It was a struggle but we ended up planting about 25% of the corn we intended on planting and about 60% of the bean acres we intended. Some of those fields got switched from corn to beans, so it is not in all the fields we anticipated planting.

As a seed dealer we ended up with quite a few beans left over. Some are treated that are non-returnable. We are going to try and use them as a cover crop to keep the weeds down, maybe mixed with oats. I am going to try a field of straight oats and spray it and bale it, maybe make it as straw. We signed up for some programs with NRCS to help with that to justify the cost of the cover crop. We will plant cover crops after wheat harvest too.

We are looking at some of our fields, even after the second replanting, that don’t look the greatest and that is disheartening. You wonder if you should have just let it sit. There are other guys who just say, “It is what it is. Let’s get ready for 2020.”


Lamar Liming – Trumbull/ Mahoning County

There is a lot of late planted corn around here but I think for the most part I’d say the majority got planted. We got everything planted and replanted. We got the first cutting hay done. The quality was pretty rough and surprisingly the tonnage wasn’t there. I guess it was too wet even for the hay and it kind of shut down. I talked to a couple of neighbors and they said the same thing. They were surprised when they got to mowing it.

The stuff I mowed the first of June was really set back too. It is pretty rough looking. The alfalfa really took a hit and the ground was so saturated the grass just set still.

The corn and soybeans look a lot better. We got the corn sidedressed and it has made a world of difference. We increased the nitrogen rate a little bit. With the nitrogen and the heat, the corn is looking a whole lot better. The beans took off too with the heat.

One neighbor started Friday with wheat and then he got rained out. There is not much to report on wheat harvest around here yet. I am going to bale a few square bales of straw from him. Next we’ll start making second cutting hay. We got the early-planted beans sprayed. Our fair is this week and that will be taking some time too.

The corn weed control looks great. The beans we planted early were starting to get weedy but we got them sprayed about two weeks ago so I’d say we’re not terrible for the year with weed control. Things are a lot better than they were two weeks ago.

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