Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast, July 29, 2019

Warm and dry again for most of the day today, but there are changes to our weather pattern coming, if only for a brief time. A cold front is lurking off to the north and west, and will directly affect weather here late this afternoon on though the overnight. Sun will be followed by increasing clouds this morning into afternoon, and the front starts to nose into northern and western parts of the state by sunset. This will bring rains on through tonight and midday tomorrow from .25”-.6” over 70% of Ohio. All action should be done by tomorrow afternoon at the latest, and sooner in NW and western Ohio. 


Dry weather is back for tomorrow through the end of the week. We see little to no rain potential for those days, but as temps climb, we may have to be on the lookout for a few pop up showers here and there. Clouds may be slow to give way to full sunshine tomorrow and Wednesday, but we still see more sun than clouds.


Sunday could bring increasing clouds back to the state, but moisture potential looks smaller for the early week period next week than it did 24 hours ago. Models still have some uncertainty about where low pressure and surface moisture develops. There is potential for a strong storm complex coming in from the west that is a slow moving rain maker for all areas. However, we are going to wait for more data before making projection. If the rest of this week turns out as dry as we think is possible, then that would really decrease the amount of moisture that could make it to the surface out of any system early next week. Stay tuned. The map at right shows 10 day rain totals with our drier bias for the time being. These totals would be well below normal for this 10 day period. One thing for sure, though, temps will be climbing from late this week through next, and we should see humidity levels rise as well. That will take us to above normal levels for the weekend forward.

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