2019 Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour – Eastern Leg – Day 3

Day three of the 2019 Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour saw scouts up and running as their transversing Illinois and part of Iowa. Stay tuned as the updates roll in throughout the day from Ohio Ag Net’s Joel Penhorwood, thanks to AgXplore, Tomorrow’s Science for Today’s Yield.

Stop 10 – Cedar County, IA

Corn: Less than impressed with 156 bpa on this field. Health isn’t too bad, but will only go down from here.

Soybeans: A great pod count on this final stand for our leg. Consistently good beans on the last several stops.

Stop 9 – Cedar County, IA

Corn: The best corn we have seen so far. Dent stage with deep kernel size so the yield might not be accurately reflected in the rough yield estimate of 193 bpa.

Soybeans: A great field of beans at 1,480 pods in a 3×3’ square, the second highest of the day.

Stop 8 – Clinton County, IA

Corn: Good corn, but not great. Likely a silage field and the yield estimate reflects such. 159 bpa corn.

Soybeans: Beans are getting better the further away from sandy soils we get with 1,251 pods in a 3×3’ square.

Stop 7 – Scott County, IA

Corn: This field has had low nitrogen, flooding, and then drought. It shows in the yield of 114.6 bpa.

Soybeans: Wow there were a lot of pods here! 2,131.2 pods in a 3×3’ square.

Stop 6 – Scott County, IA

Corn: Not a good way to start Iowa. A sandy field with corn on corn rotation. Tiny ears that totaled a 134 bpa estimate.

Soybeans: A lot of pods in this field that doesn’t look so great from the road.

Stop 5 – Henry County, IL

Corn: Another field, way behind in maturity than where it should be. 163 bpa, bringing the five stop average to 156 this morning.

Soybeans: 825 pods in a 3×3’ square. After five stops, 884 pods average.

Stop 4 – Henry County, IL

Corn: A field that came in at 149 bpa. Field was far behind for this part of the country. A bit of disease starting to show consistently immediately below ear.

Soybeans: Overall beans are looking fairly consistent in this crop district at 985 pods in a 3×3’ square. Consistently good? Good question.

Stop 3 – Henry County, IL

Corn: This field, other than several drowned out spots, looked decent. Population will be the main hurdle for this yield at 141.3 bpa estimated. So far disappointed in what has normally been a 200 bpa area, according to the farmers in our truck.

Soybeans: 784.8 pods in a 3×3’ square.

Stop 2 – Knox County, IL

Corn: Lots of GLS pressure in this corn and things are starting into dent. Estimate of 176.6 bpa.

Soybeans: Another nice field. Not outstanding and not awfully low either.

Stop 1 – Knox County, IL

Corn: This corn was fired up pretty good, but is the furthest along stuff we’ve seen so far. Firing up very well past the ear leaf. Quite a bit of flower pressure on the outside rows, but good population. Dent stage corn. 151.8 bpa corn.

Soybeans: A good looking soybean field with some potential. This area does look like its gotten drier recently. 872 pods in a 3×3’ square.

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