2019 Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour – Eastern Leg – Day 4

Results are in for the final night of the 2019 Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour. Scouts estimated the highly anticipated Iowa corn yield at 182.83 bpa, down 2.9 percent from last year. Soybeans had 1106 pods in a 3×3’ square, off 8.4%. Minnesota crop districts 5, 7, 8, and 9 averaged 170.37 bpa with 965.31 pods in a 3×3’ square.

The final day of the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour takes scouts on the eastern leg from Iowa City, Iowa to Rochester, MN.

Stop 9 – Marshall County, IA

Corn: 227.8 bpa estimated yield

Soybeans: 907.2 pods in a 3×3’ square

Stop 8 – Marshall County, IA

Corn: 224 bpa

Soybeans: 1814.4 pods in a 3×3’ square

Stop 7 – Tama County, IA

Corn: 159.65 bpa

Soybeans: 954.84 pods in a 3×3’ square

Stop 6 – Poweshiek County, IA

Corn: 137.9 bpa

Soybeans: 1497.6 pods in a 3×3’ square

Stop 5 – Poweshiek County, IA

Corn: 191.2 bpa

Soybeans: 1601.28 pods in a 3×3’ foot square

Stop 3 – Keokuk County, IA

Corn: 239.8 bpa.

Soybeans: 1411.2 pods in a 3×3; square.

Stop 2 – Poweshiek County, IA

Corn: 217.8 bpa

Soybeans: 1,380 pods in a 3×3′ square.

Stop 1 – Iowa County, IA

Corn: A pretty terrible field of corn that had a lot of variability in it, though ears just weren’t up to snuff.

Soybeans: Plenty of space between rows, but a respectable number on very nice, clean field at 1,012 pods in a 3×3’ square.

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