Ohio Cattlemen’s Foundation creates scholarship for large animal veterinary students

The Ohio Cattlemen’s Foundation (OCF) has created a new scholarship fund to benefit large animal veterinary students attending The Ohio State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. OCF has committed $25,000 over five years to the new scholarship fund. The first scholarships generated from this fund will be awarded for the 2020-2021 academic year.

The Ohio Cattlemen’s Foundation Scholarship Fund will provide two scholarships each year to third or fourth-year veterinary students who have demonstrated interest in practicing large animal (food/farm) medicine and plan to practice in the state of Ohio. Preference will be given to candidates whose work, research or community involvement demonstrates interest in the beef industry, or to those who are involved with the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association. The College of Veterinary Medicine, in consultation with Student Financial Aid, will oversee the scholarship fund, application process and will determine the scholarship recipients each year.

It is commonly understood within the agricultural industry that the educational costs and subsequent debt load associated with a veterinary degree inhibit potential students from pursuing a career in the field or have long-term financial burdens for those who do. Thanks to the success of the Cattlemen’s Gala fundraiser, the OCF is pleased to be able to provide funds to create this impactful scholarship program.

“As a cattle producer, I know first-hand the importance of having access to excellent veterinary care around the clock for my animals. However, as an industry we need to recognize the financial burden that a veterinary degree can place on students,” said Joe Foster, OCF president, of Gallipolis. “Our hope is that this scholarship enables more students to pursue a career as a large animal veterinarian here in Ohio, benefitting cattle producers across the state for years to come.”

In the next 15 to 20 years, it’s estimated that more than 25% of Ohio veterinarians will retire, requiring a new supply of veterinarians to fill gaps across the state. The need for well-educated, qualified veterinarians to ensure animal and public health is one every cattle producer knows all too well; the Ohio Cattlemen’s Foundation is proud to play a part in ensuring the future of veterinary care in Ohio.

To learn more about the Ohio Cattlemen’s Foundation Scholarship Fund through Ohio State’s College of Veterinary Medicine, please contact the Ohio Cattlemen’s Foundation at 614-873-6736 or cattle@ohiocattle.org.

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