Our dedicated marketing specialists Jeff Reese and Risë Labig put in many miles visiting with clients during the show.

Great staff is like a second family

By Matt Reese

I love our staff. I am so fortunate to have the chance to work with so many talented, kind caring folks. From the late Ed Johnson to the current Dale Minyo I have had the opportunity to work with (and learn from) some of the very best. What an honor and privilege!

With so many summer events to attend around the state, we are very rarely all in the same place at once. And, with some staff changes this year, I thought the recent Farm Science Review would be a great chance to highlight our current fantastic staff and what they do for the team to keep you up to date.


Bart and Sheryl Johnson

John Motter with the Ohio Soybean Council presented the Outstanding Achievement Award to Bart and Sheryl Johnson a few years back.

We are like a family and they are kind of like the parents (or in Bart’s case sometimes an ornery big brother). Bart is the son of Ed Johnson who started the company. Bart heads up sales and fixes everything that goes wrong. Sheryl keeps everyone (most importantly Bart) in line and keeps the office running smoothly with billing and other extensive behind-the-scenes efforts.



Jeff Reese and Risë Labig

Our dedicated marketing specialists Jeff Reese and Risë Labig put in many miles visiting with clients during the show.

These are our two marketing specialists that seldom get credit, but without the incredible job they do serving our advertisers we would not get paid. To say I appreciate their tireless work is an understatement. I think they should both wear pedometers to calculate the miles they travel during the week of the Farm Science Review getting around to see everyone.



Beth Carper

She handles Traffic for Ohio Ag Net and a couple of other radio networks. This means she coordinates any radio order that comes in with the radio stations we work with through

Back in 2014, Beth and her husband Mike Carper were recognized with the OCA Industry Excellence Award, sponsored by Ohio’s Country Journal.

our network. She does a great job keeping it “Traffic” and not a traffic jam. Beth also has plenty to sort out in the way of radio billing. She keeps all of this straight and I’m not sure how she handles all of those numbers and various accounts. That’s one reason I’m a writer. She helps with OCJ proofreading as well.





Kim Lemmon

Kim has had endure working in the office beside me for 20+ years, which is a big ask of anyone. Our jobs on the print side of the business have undergone extensive change. We have both adapted with the times, though. Kim does MANY things including: layout and

For the last 20+ years (since June of 1999) Kim Lemmon and Matt Reese have worked with owner and publisher Bart Johnson at the OCJ.

design for OCJ, web ads, website design, ad coordination with the marketing specialists, regular work with our great columnists, deadline setting (and enforcing), and numerous other things. Those of us who work for Bart understand that a substantial portion of our job description includes “and other.” This applies to no one more than Kim.




Dusty Sonnenberg

On the Crop Tour, Dusty only came out of this Defiance County corn field with the two ears he went in with — there were none to sample from the plants.

Dusty has been an amazing addition to our team. He has an extensive and impressive background in Ohio agriculture and he brings wealth of experience to his joint position with our team and the Ohio Soybean Council as he heads up the Ohio Field Leader project. You have already seen quite a bit of his fantastic work in the last few issues and there will be more coming from the CCA, farmer and former Extension educator turned huge asset to Ohio’s Country Journal.


Dale Minyo

Dale interviewed Bill Lehmkuhl from Precision Agri Services Inc.

Dale is the lead broadcaster for Ohio Ag Net and among the most well-known names in Ohio agriculture. He grew up in Noble County and enjoyed plenty of success in FFA, enough to catch the attention of Ed Johnson. Dale worked with Ed for years with ABN and now continues to work with his son Bart as “The voice you know with news you trust.”



Kolt Buchenroth

Dale and Kolt worked on afternoon programming during the FSR.

Kolt’s passion for what we do, knowledge of technology, skills in video editing, and deep affinity for b-roll video make Kolt a valuable part of the team. He is still a student at Ohio State, but he has more radio and video experience than many much-older people in the industry. Kolt has an exciting future ahead and I really appreciate his tech-savvy wisdom when I can’t figure out how to do something.


Dave Russell

Dave Russell interviewed Matt Hutchison from Seed Consultants, Inc.

My marketing specialist brother Jeff Reese and I went to Cory-Rawson High School. Dave went to the same high school, just in a different decade. He brings a tremendous amount of farm radio experience to our team. Dave began in radio at WRFD in Columbus. He has since been a voice for Hoosier agriculture at WOWO in Ft. Wayne, Ind. and the Indiana voice for Tribune Radio Networks. For Ohio Ag Net, Dave is helping with the afternoon broadcast and covering events.

The late Ed Johnson, the guy who started it all

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