West Holmes FFA participates in 2019 Holmes County Fair

2019 Holmes County Fair Queen Kylie Ramirez
and 2019 Holmes County Fair King Macin Hager.

The 2019 Holmes County Fair was held August 5th-10th at Harvest Ridge. There were many exciting activities during the week. Kylie Ramirez was crowned fair queen and Macin Hager was fair King. Graduate members Anna Irwin and Gabby Sherman were named attendants. Many FFA members also participated in showing animals and experienced great success throughout the week.

Market Hog: Kylie Ramirez was reserve in her division and class winner, she also 7th in senior showmanship. Macin Hager was 4th in senior showmanship. Tierra Slaubaugh was 4th in her class. Cody Miller was 5th in his class. Chloe Shumaker was 2nd in her class. Brayden Shumaker was 5th in his class. Ally Ogi was 2nd in her class. Bree Houin, Lexi Ogi, Maddie Stitzlein, Megan Brannon, Ethan Drzazga, Rebecca Sprang, Hannah Goines, and Samantha Kendall also exhibited a hog.
Beef: Tierra Slaubaugh was grand champion Holmes County Bred, 5th overall steer, and 3rd overall in carcass show. Lexi Ogi was 3rd in Holmes County Bred and 3rd in her class. Cody Miller was 2nd in his class, 10th overall, and 6th overall carcass with his market steer, 4th overall with his breeding heifer. Chloe Shumaker was 3rd overall. Samantha Kendall also exhibited at market steer.
Horse: Tierra Slaubaugh places 1st in 12 tenderfoot classes. Taryn Grassbaugh placed 1st in western showmanship, western horsemanship, senior flags, english equitation, bareback equitation, and she was the horse supreme showman. Megan Brannon got placed 1st in a class and also got two 2nd place. Ally Ogi placed 1st in contest showmanship, 4th in ranch pleasure, and 3rd place in keyhole. Bree Houin also exhibited a horse.
Goats: Macin Hager got champion overall with his breeding doe. Ethan Drzazga was reserve champion with his breeding doe and 3rd overall with his market goat. Cora Crilow got grand champion doe pygmy, grand champion wether pygmy, reserve champion doe pygmy, and pygmy supreme showman. Emma Stitzlein got 4th in her class. Cora Crilow also exhibited a market goat. Megan Brannon got grand and reserve with pygmy goats.
Sheep: Macin Hager was 6th overall, Maddie was 5th overall with her market lamb and reserve champion with her breeding ewe. Chloe Shumaker was the supreme showman and was 10th overall. Tierra Slaubaugh, Bree Houin, Ethan Drzazga, and Rebecca Sprang also exhibited at sheep. 
Dairy: Hayleigh Bender was 5th overall dairy feeder. Ethan Drzazga was reserve champion market dairy steer, Chase Stitzlein was 6th in showmanship and was 2nd in the winter yearling class with his dairy heifer. Amy Hughes was the intermediate showman and the reserve junior champ with her dairy heifer. Rebecca Sprang was junior grand and reserve Ayrshire with her dairy heifers and grand and reserve Ayrshire with her dairy cows. Emma Stitzlein was 2nd in her class with her dairy heifer.
Poultry: Cora Crilow was 5th overall with broilers. Megan Brannon and Hannah Goines exhibited a turkey.
At the end of the week we had several members compete in the Showman of Showman contest. Chloe Shumaker placed 1st, Cora Crilow placed 2nd, Ethan Drzazga got 5th, and Taryn Grassbaugh got 6th. 

Congratulations to all FFA members on a great week at the fair! 

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