Bane-Welker Equipment now offers Ashland 1410E Ejector Scraper with Ag Cat 4 Hitch

Bane-Welker Equipment has been an official Ashland Industries dealer at all 13 Indiana and Ohio locations since 2017. They recently added a new product, which is first in its class.

The 1410E Ejector Ashland scraper is the fastest scraper in its class. Its rear load design allows to raise and lower the rear tires to control the depth of cut. Its modular design is precise, saves time during offload, offers two- or four-tire options, greaseless fiber bushings and is packed with features not found anywhere else. The scraper features a 10-foot width and is designed to fit 225 to 500 horsepower tractors.

“This is Cadillac of farm scrapers,” said Dallas Foster of Bane-Welker Equipment. “It’s faster. You can do more with it, and its priced right. I am excited to tell our customers about it. It’s the best option for farmers who want to move dirt faster without buying a construction hitch for tractor. It has faster transport speeds than a dolly-wheel style scraper and transfers weight from the scraper to the tractor, helping with traction. Its modular design has reduced manufacturing cost to save farmers on the initial investment. Its greaseless bushing helps reduce service points and increases productivity.”

The scraper features the Ag Cat 4 hitch system, which is an affordable alternative for coupling a direct mount scraper to your tractor. It allows the operator to use the tractor’s existing hammer strap drawbar to connect with a direct mount scraper 14 cubic yards or smaller. The massive 4-inch horizontal swivel pin is designed to handle the rough service of most construction applications. The large 3-inch custom clamp nut allows the operator to make periodic service adjustments to maintain retention of the front yoke. The pivot joints feature numerous grease points to ensure wear parts can be properly lubricated.

“One of its best features is that it’s compatible with the larger Steiger or Magnum tractors,” Foster said. “This is a significant because previous models have had a narrower 8-foot width of cut.”

The system is over-engineered with higher strength material and additional support gussets. The heavy steel bulkhead and rigid hose stand keep hydraulic lines safe and secure.

“Ashland scrapers are great products that our customers have been very impressed with,” Foster said. “It’s been a successful addition to the Bane-Welker lineup, and we continue to offer more cutting-edge equipment every year.”

Ashland Scrapers are available at all Bane-Welker Equipment locations. To request more information regarding Ashland Scrapers visit or call a local Bane-Welker Equipment sales representative.

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