Benjamin Logan Agricultural Education students learn about floriculture / horticulture careers

Benjamin Logan Agricultural Education students and Interior Design Students had the privilege of Beth Zsoldos visiting and giving them the opportunity to learn how to do a simple modern floral arrangement as well as discuss floriculture / horticulture careers. Students did so by starting with a small bowl, black floral foam, and flowers. The classes got to start from scratch and use their imagination all while under the instruction of Mrs. Zsoldos. The classes got a feel of modern floral design and the work needed for the profession. Mrs. Zsoldos does floral arrangements for big events and weddings as a freelance floral designer. She also works for Ohio State ATI. She was able to give the classes her input and advice for doing continued education in the floral and turf careers.
She explained to the classes the amount of open careers in the floral and turf industry. She informed the classes that there is also a new desire for welders and carpenters to make large things for florists to decorate.

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