ITLA President Larry P Smith II (left) presents the Pioneer Breeder Award for 2019 to Joel Dickinson (right) during the annual convention and banquet. Dickinson manages Dickinson Cattle Co of Barnesville, Ohio.

Dickinson wins Pioneer Texas Longhorn Award

International Texas Longhorn Association, (ITLA) President Larry P. Smith presented the Pioneer Breeder Award to Joel Dickinson of Barnesville, Ohio. Dickinson has raised registered Texas longhorns for 40 years, starting at age 9. The annual Pioneer Breeder Award is presented to honor an ITLA member that has, over a period of 15 years or more, demonstrated a strong commitment to the ITLA and exceptional initiative in establishing a Texas Longhorn of superior value genetically, with commercial merit.

ITLA is headquartered at Glen Rose, Texas, registers pure Texas Longhorn cattle, holds educational seminars to strengthen efforts by producers, trains and approves show judges, sponsors shows all over the nation, and works to promote the breed world wide.

Dickinson manages Dickinson Cattle Co. in Belmont County running up to 1,300 cattle on just under 5,000 acres. He manages scientific efforts to improve the breed with progressive matings by AI, embryo transfer and careful banding of select genetics. In recent years forward progress has been made developing genes with high Omega-3 for cutting edge human health benefits.

Dickinson Cattle Co. provides public educational pasture tours in trained buses with 75-minute dialog by DCC staff. High Omega-3 Texas Longhorn beef is sold at the Longhorns Head to Tail Store.

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