WL-S FFA advisor and a handful of members attended the National FFA convention to Support American FFA degree recipients (front row left to right) Mallary Caudill, Bryce Ward, Kayleigh Metz and Zech Wilcox (not pictured)

L-S FFA Chapter traveled to National Convention

By Alyssa Alford

The WL-S FFA Chapter traveled with Urbana and Ridgedale to National Convention on October 30, 2019. On the first day, the members went to opening session where they listened to the Keynote speaker, Bob Goff. His message was, “0% drama, 100% kindness.”  Also, in the first session, we celebrated 50 years of Women being allowed in FFA.

WL-S FFA members tour a dairy parlor at Traderspointe Creamery in Indianapolis.

The next day we arrived at  Traders Point Creamery where we toured the property and learned more about how they operate. The next stop was Lincoln College Of Technology. They explained that you could get 13 certifications in less than 2 years. There was electric and automative programs and much more. Lastly, we went to the National FFA Center and we learned more about the history of the organization and ways our former members have paved the way for us. At the end of the night, the chapter attended Buckeye Bash.

On Friday we explored the convention where we could learn about colleges and company’s that are Ag-related. Then we went to The World’s Toughest Rodeo.

On Saturday, the chapter attended the next to last session of the National FFA Convention where Mallary Caudill, Kayleigh Metz, Bryce Ward, and Zech Wilcox (not pictured) received their American FFA Degrees. Congratulations to these four members for working diligently for four years in high school to attain the highest FFA degree possible.  It is the first time in history the WL-S FFA has had four American degree recipients in the same year.

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