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Ohio soy industry highlights accomplishments and recognizes leaders

By Matt Reese and Dale Minyo

The challenging 2019 growing season in many parts of Ohio did not dampen the spirits at the Ohio Soybean Industry Dinner.

One highlight of the evening was a brief update from Ed Beaman from the U.S. Soybean Export Council that was recognized with the 2019 Outstanding Achievement Award. Beaman talked about the strategy the organization uses to expand soybean markets around the world.

“It is a long term relationship building effort. It is fun for me to remind people that U.S. soy was in China for almost 12 and a half years before we sold any soybeans. And we are working in other markets employing the same tactics, using the same messaging as we did in China to build those other markets. While we probably don’t have a silver bullet to replace China, I do think we have a lot of silver buckshot. If we can employ that buckshot around the world properly then I think U.S. soybean growers can rest assured knowing there is a huge effort going on to make sure we promote U.S. soy,” Beaman said. “I think our international customers are staying well in tune with our crop this year and the outlook in the U.S. The beauty, though, of U.S. soy is we have such diversity. If there is drought or bad weather in one part of the country there’s good weather and great crops in another part of the country. That is frankly, part of the high level of confidence international buyers have in U.S. soy.”

In addition, the Ohio Soybean Council and Ohio Soybean Association recognized retiring board member farmer leaders in their organizations including: Scott Metzger from Ross County (who finished his term as OSA president), Steve Reinhard from Crawford County (OSC Chairman), and Keith Kemp from Preble County (OSC board member).

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