Mowrystown FFA members received their State FFA Degrees

This month, 5 Mowrystown FFA members received their State FFA Degrees during the 90th Ohio State FFA Convention on May 3rd. These members included Nathan Frazer, Clay Risner, Cora Gillespie, Brianna Purvis, and Cylee Bratton. The State FFA Degree is a high achievement in the FFA organization and the agriculture industry in general. To earn this award, members must complete a list of specific goals to be eligible, and a lot of hard work and time is dedicated into these degrees.It is a very respectable accomplishment as only 2% of members go on to earn this award. Frazer, Risner, Gillespie, Purvis, and Bratton have worked extremely hard to be able to say they are State FFA Degree recipients.

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