West Holmes FFA Chapter hosted a statewide FFA leadership night

On December 5th, the West Holmes FFA Chapter hosted a statewide FFA leadership night highlighted by a workshop from Wyatt Kissell and Beth Pozderac. There were over 100 members from West Holmes, Harrison Central, Loudonville, Hillsdale, Norwayne, RG Drage CTC, Triway, Smithville, and Hiland. Upon arrival, members had the opportunity to eat pizza, chips and pop. Around 6:30 we began with ice breakers such as, 2 truths and a lie, nut stacker, human knot, balloon pop, and various other activities planned by West Holmes FFA Officers. At 7, the State Officers, Beth Pozderac and Wyatt Kissell spoke to us about why followership is important. Many famous role models have all been a follower in their lives. To become a leader you have to follow something. They left us with the question, how can you apply followership to your life? At the conclusion of the evening we had a dodgeball tournament with the other schools.

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