ADA Mideast urging stores to lift dairy purchase limits

American Dairy Association Mideast staff are diligently working with milk processors and their sales teams to ask Ohio and West Virginia grocery stores to lift their purchasing limits on milk and dairy foods.

As you know, there was a purchasing surge at the start of the COVID-19 crisis as Americans prepared to stay at home. This caused some dairy cases to be low and prompted grocery stores to set quantity limits on milk purchases. The dairy companies and processors, though have assured consumers that grocery stores’ increased needs during this time can be supplied.

These purchasing limits, as well as the recent decline in food service sales and school milk consumption, are contributing to the excess milk supply. To help address this, ADA Mideast is contacting grocery stores, supporting school feeding sites and working with foodbanks to help move more milk and dairy foods.

Those who find an Ohio or West Virginia store that is limiting milk purchases, please take a picture, note the location, date and time and send to

The Ohio Grocer’s Association released an “urgent request” Saturday that reads in part that The American Dairy Association Mideast has been diligently working with Ohio’s milk processors, and they assure us that they can supply grocery stores’ increased needs during this time – there is plenty of milk available for our stores. In fact, with the loss of food service volume and changes in school food service, dairy farmers actually have an abundance of milk.

We urge our grocers to consider lifting quantity limits on milk and dairy foods.  This will allow your shoppers to purchase as much milk as needed and hope you will work with your supplier to replenish your dairy case every day.
Ohio’s dairy farm families continue to work hard, providing a nutritious product and it should be available to all those in need.

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  1. Melissa Heffelfinger

    Upper Sandusky ohio save a lot has a limit 4 on their milk as if april 5 at 230 pm

  2. What is the point of lifting the amounts, when the stores can’t keep milk on the shelves. Maybe get after the stores to order more.
    Something is fishy about this article.

  3. Send her photos of empty milk shelves!

  4. Grocery stores b need to lower prices on milk. The week after this pandemic hit, Kroger in My Orab raised prices 20 cents. It was 2.49. Walmart vis charging $2.89 a gallon. No more price gouging.

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