Miami East FFA Alumni Sponsors Scholarships

By Libby Carpenter, Reporter

The Miami East FFA Alumni Chapter recently recognized graduates of Miami East High School that had been enrolled in Agricultural Education and members of the FFA Chapter. In order to qualify for the scholarship, the applicants completed an essay on “The Benefits of Agricultural Education” and been active in the FFA Chapter for at least one year. Each recipient received a cash scholarship to be used for their further endeavors.

Michael Bair is the son of David and Annette Bair. He is a three time Top 4 in the State Proficiency finalist in three different areas (a chapter record) and was on the Dairy Cattle evaluation team. Michael said, “While farming and providing food is the essence of agriculture there is so much more to agricultural education than farming.  Agricultural Education involves a wide variety of activities.  There are many opportunities in Agricultural Education.”

Luke Gilliland is the son of Matt and Heather Gilliland. He earned the State FFA Degree and was a member of Agricultural Power Diagnostics team. Luke said, “Anyone that has been through Agriculture Education classes and courses are much more informed on what they are eating and where it came from. A more informed consumer leads to a healthier market. Agricultural Education also educates students on facts, not biased opinions.”

Savannah Holzen is the daughter of Tim and Sharon Holzen. She participated in Farm Safety Week, attended the National FFA Convention, and earned the State FFA Degree. Savannah shared, “Agriculture Education has many benefits for students. It gives opportunities to learn outside of the classroom and hands-on experiences. There are so many opportunities for everyone. You learn leadership skills and self-responsibility.”

Kearsten Kirby is the daughter of Kenny and Jeni Kirby. She participated in the Job Interview competition, earned the State FFA Degree, and served as a chapter officer. Kearsten says, “Taking an agriculure class can build upon life skills. In agriculture classes, one can learn about where your food comes from and what steps it takes to make it to the plate. But Agricultural Education is so much more than just in class learning; there is hands-on learning, like having an Supervised Agriculture Experience.”

The Miami East FFA Alumni was able to provide these scholarship recipients with monies because of the generous donations and support of community members through such projects as the Quarter Auction in April and the Silent Auction at the Chapter Banquet in April. They look forward to supporting all Agricultural Education students in their participation in learning about the diversity of the agriculture industry.


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