New alternatives for county fair auctions

Show and fair officials from across the country are looking at alternative options for their upcoming auctions amid uncertainty surrounding COVID-19.

In response, Ohio – Breeders’ World Online Sales has introduced BW Final Drive Youth

Auctions as an alternative option to county fairs across the country to still hold auctions for their exhibitors. BW Final Drive Youth Auctions offers multiple options including premium sale online auctions, an “add on” option for buyers to add money to an exhibitor’s premium, and a terminal/market online auction.

“Being an auctioneer, 4-H advisor, county fair committee member and a 4-H parent, I am here to provide you with the best possible solutions for your auctions at a cost that reflects the youth are my top priority,” said Roger Hunker, owner of Breeders’ World Online Sales and BW Final Drive Youth Auctions.

BW Final Drive Youth Auctions works with each fair/show individually to meet their needs and guidelines. Breeders’ World believes that 4-H and FFA Projects are about more than the project themselves. With BW Final Drive Youth Auctions, youth exhibitors can add their own lots, information, photos and videos into the online sale system, giving them a unique opportunity to show off their hard work using writing, reading, creative and salesmanship skills. Youth exhibitors are encouraged to market their project to friends, family and area businesses.

Breeders’ World has been conducting online livestock auctions since 2005. They were the first company to offer cattle, sheep and goat auctions online.

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