Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – May 19, 2020

More moisture lingering over Ohio today. Low pressure ended up getting cut off over the southeast and Tennessee Valley, as our system ran into resistance from the Tropical system off the coast of the Carolinas yesterday. So, now we have slowly circulating moisture coming up into Ohio, and it looks like it wants to stay around not just through today, but potentially into tomorrow as well. The good news is that the intensity and frequency of precipitation will be tailing off later today and tomorrow, but the bad news is that we are having to bump our rain totals/potential this morning, and today could be very wet in spots. The heaviest rains set up over southern and western Ohio, but we wont rule out strong action anywhere. Rains today have a wide range, anywhere from a few hundredths to over 2.5″, depending on location. Tomorrow we get a few hundredths to a tenth or two, but sunshine may be limited, and drying slow to non-existent. The map at right shows rain potential for today and tomorrow combined…the bulk of this comes today.

We do see sunshine taking over to finish the week, Thursday through Sunday. We should see good evaporation and drying over the state. However, it may not be enough given the moisture that we will have picked up by the time all is said and done. Still, it is 4 days back to back to back.

Next week we get a little more unsettled to finish the 10 day period. We look for a mix of clouds and sun Monday through Wednesday, but we also can not rule out scattered showers. The chances are a little higher for Wednesday. Generally, we, see no better than 40% coverage but we cant fully promise dry days any of those days. WE end up mostly sunny to finish the period next Thursday.

The extended period keeps that “unsettled” characteristic. We have to keep a chance of showers in the forecast pretty much every day, yet see no significant front coming through. Temps do go above normal this weekend and next week, and we think that warm air may fuel a more active atmosphere, with pop up showers. The take away here is that we see the remaining planting that needs to be finished dealing with a lot of challenges between now and early June. Windows will be tight, and we may find ourselves having to roll in less than ideal conditions.

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