Riley Thobe

Shining a light on the Class of 2020

By Meredith Oglesby, OCJ FFA reporter

Think back to the first time you put your FFA jacket on. As you slid one arm in and then the other, you were filled with excitement for the future, wondering what your FFA journey would be like? As you smoothed out the jacket to be able to zip it up for the first time, it felt a little awkward and uncomfortable. You soon realized these feelings would become all too familiar as you became more involved and your advisors pushed you outside your comfort zone. The more you wore the jacket, the more you learned, and the more you became invested in growing through your FFA family.

Elizabeth Michael

Fast forward three years to your senior year where you felt nervous about the uncertainty of the future but were excited to see what it would hold. You appreciated the “lasts” of high school as the months crept closer to May. For the seniors of 2020, many of these “lasts” have been missed and the uncertainty feeling is all too familiar, but for different reasons.

As a way to recognize senior FFA members, we have compiled some of the memories, favorite moments and lessons learned from

Ethan Fischer

seniors across the state of Ohio. The names of many of Ohio’s senior FFA members were submitted by their advisors and are listed below to recognize their hard work and dedication to the FFA organization. We would like to wish them all the best in this next chapter of their lives.

As the FFA Creed states, “in the promise of better days through better ways, even as the better things we now enjoy have come to us from the struggles of former years.” Senior FFA members will understand the joys because of the struggles they have endured during this challenging time and they will come out stronger than ever. Best of

Reegan Kehres

luck in the future and congratulations, class of 2020!


What is your favorite FFA memory?

One of my favorite memories is from this past year when the officer team went to Kelley’s Island and camped. During our camping experience, our advisor heard a noise inside his tent and came out face to face with a raccoon!

  • Hannah Russell, Alexander FFA


My favorite FFA memory is getting first place in Ohio in the Agricultural Issues Forum, Leadership Development Event, and moving on to compete at the National FFA Convention.

  • Morgan Meyer, Anna FFA


My favorite memories are from FFA Camp Muskingum. I was really bonded with my fellow chapter members and officers, as well as with other members across Ohio.

  • Emma Wenger, Benjamin Logan FFA


My favorite memory is competing in the National Agriscience Fair at National Convention and winning second place. I will be able to use scientific methods and assessments I learned from my Agriscience Fair project, as well as the communication and leadership skills in my future as a career as veterinarian and beef farmer.

  • Riley Thobe, Anna FFA
Alison Derringer

My favorite memory was attending the Washington Leadership Conference last summer! I had lots of fun and met people from all over the United States.

  • Liam Warren, Cardington FFA


My favorite FFA memory would be at FFA National Convention when I got to meet famous barrel racer, Amberley Snyder! One item on my bucket list is to become a pro rodeo athlete, barrel racing. I plan to attend Wilmington College to major in animal science, minor in equine studies and ride on their equestrian team.

  • Sydney Flory, Twin Valley South MVCTC FFA


What was your Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) project?


Kylie Ramirez

One of my SAE projects is The Be You Livestock Show, a livestock show for individuals with developmental disabilities. I developed this project through my living to serve plan at the Washington Leadership Conference!

  • Kylie Ramirez, West Holmes FFA


My SAE included working at Dean Farms in Bryan, Ohio, restoring a Farmall 1943 tractor and raising market lambs and hogs for the county fair. I also completed two Agriscience research projects.

  • Tristan McGuire, Fairview FFA
Tristan McGuire

As part of my SAE, I work for my brother who owns a Christmas tree farm, Wenger’s

Wintergreens. I decorate wreaths, centerpieces, interact with customers to help them find their perfect tree, and bake homemade cookies for the customers.

  • Emma Wenger, Benjamin Logan FFA


What impact has the FFA had on you?


FFA has had such a positive impact on me and my life. From the relationships created with my advisor and friends to the life lessons that I will carry with me, I know FFA has been so impactful for me. Joining FFA my freshman year is the best decision that I could have made for myself.

  • Cori Aviles, Black River FFA


Mr. Swartz announced in class that a job at a dairy farm was available. I applied and loved it so much that I have decided to study dairy science at Iowa State. Mr. Swartz and FFA were an integral part of my career decision.

Olivia Ruffner
  • Olivia Ruffner, Eastwood FFA


FFA taught me how important it is to support one another in everything you do as well as how important it is to make everyone feel welcome and important. The FFA has shown me how to be a better person.

  • Reegan Kehres, Anthony Wayne-Penta FFA


I initially joined FFA because my brother, sister, dad and uncle had been members. And now I will be able to use the skills and knowledge I have learned through FFA to help me continue the family farm.

  • Ethan Fischer, Ansonia FFA


My favorite thing I learned would be the job interview skills through the Job Interview career development event (CDE). Without this CDE, I would have never been as prepared for a job interview in the real world as I am today. With the knowledge I gained through this contest, I was complimented by my employer. This contest also taught me how to be confident in myself.

  • William Flaherty, Plymouth FFA

What are your plans once graduating high school?

I plan on attending and graduating from Hobart Institute of Welding and get a job in the field of welding.

  • Justin Preece, Urbana FFA


I plan to attend Bowling Green State University to major in Communication Sciences and Disorders, then get my graduate degree in Speech Language Pathology.

  • Liz Michael, Anna FFA


Ellie Gehret

I plan to attend Wilmington College and dual major in early childhood education and special education.

  • Ellie Gehret, Tecumseh FFA


I will be attending The Ohio State University to major in Agricultural Systems Management and minor in Agribusiness and applied economics. I also hope to study abroad so I can learn about the different agricultural practices and challenges faced by other communities.

  • Elly Motter, Crestview (Ashland) FFA


Who is your role model?


My role model is my FFA advisor, Jaime Chenevey. I look up to her because she helped me make dreams come true and she is always there for guidance. Chen has helped me realize to fight for what I believe in, share my passion with others and helped me become unafraid to dream.

  • Kylie Ramirez, West Holmes FFA


My role model is my sister, Abby Motter. Coming from such a small school she was able to achieve great things and make a difference for her students now since she is an Ag teacher herself. She has inspired me to go to The Ohio State University and pursue an Ag career because I now feel like I can achieve great things in a community that is so grounded in taking care of others.

  • Elly Motter, Crestview (Ashland) FFA
    Elly Motter





A message from the advisors 

To the FFA class of 2020: During this unprecedented time, we hope you will continue to strive for excellence! You are a very special group of students who have accomplished above and beyond what you could have imagined and have made the most of your opportunities. We wish you the absolute best as you pursue your goals and dreams in turning the page to life’s next chapter!

  • Darrick Riggs, Southeastern (Clark) FFA


We are extremely proud of our seniors and appreciate their dedication to our chapter. Even with the unique circumstances presented this year, you have not given up. Keep your heads held high, dare to dream, continue to reach for the stars and not settle for less. Best wishes, class of 2020!

  • Wendi Mizer Stachler, Miami Trace FFA


Thank you for your dedication, hard work and determination over the years! You have left your mark on the Lynchburg-Clay FFA Chapter. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in your next chapter. Remember, your FFA family will always be here to provide you with support, a nudge or a shove in the right direction! Go out there in the world, make your mark and make me proud!

  • Stacie D. Rhonemus, Lynchburg-Clay FFA


Class of 2020 – I am so proud of you and thankful to have been your FFA Advisor. Although this wasn’t the ending we wanted for your high school career, I cannot wait to see just how much you will accomplish in the future! The FFA is better because you were a part of it!

  • Sara Casto, Greenon FFA


Ridgemont seniors, you have worked hard to create meaningful projects that have had a positive impacted on our school, community and chapter. We know you are prepared for the next steps in your life and have worked hard to create opportunities to do great things in your future. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life over the past four years! We will miss you immensely!

  • Shelby Faulkner and Stephanie Jolliff, Ridgemont FFA




Anna Ackely, Cameron Bowdle, Dakota Cottrill, Lauren Fellenstein, Lucas Foglesong, James Gregory, Maddie Huff, Lauren Jones, Noah Kannaird, Slate Kellis, Benjamin Mitten, Cade McKee, Michael Parsley, Jesse Reisinger, Hunter Shade



Jadelyn Althouse, Whitney Byrd, Jordy Cantrell, Summer Hartman, Jacob Jordan, Jaden Jordan, JK Kearns, Marcus Perko, Wes Radford, Tiffany Reasoner, Abby Ross, Hannah Russell, Trey Schaller, Zach Shiltz, Dalton Skinner, Paige Trout, Connor Truax



Blake Barhorst, Connor Bensman, Hayden Billing, Ryan Bruns, Jared Egbert, Merrick Fox, Ryan Heitmeyer, Riley Huelskamp, Lindsay McEldowney, Maddy McEldowney, Morgan Meyer, Liz Michael, Malachi Minnich, Kiplyn Rowland, Riley Thobe, Gage Wannemacher, Derek Wolters



Jayden Barnes, Ethan Fischer, Kaya Price


Anthoney Wayne Penta

Maggie Burkett, Lila Common, Tayler Common, Raegan Flowers, Reegan Kehres, Patrick Miller, Emily Queen, Hailey Ruetz, Paige Schultt, Allison Sparks, Skyann Stram


Arcanum MVCTC

Audrey Ball, Grant Delk, Braden Garbig, Ethan Garbig, Gracie Garno, Jayden Heltsley, Andrew Kimball, Cory Ross, Jack Shannon, Jason Sturdevant, Madison Thornhill, Levi Walker, Megan Walker, JT Whittaker, Reese Whittaker, Joshua Wright



Mason Babcock, Lily Delgado, Noah Garcia, Madison Gigax, Katie Goering, Isaiah Gomez, Kade Kern, Mason Kinsman, Kayden Meyer, Elizabeth Mignin, Drake Mohring, Nathan Rettig, Aaliyah Reyes, Jasmime Sterling, Zoey Tuckerman, Amberlyn Whitson


Benjamin Logan

Joel Abbott, Taggert Beaty, Noah Comer, Bryce Loomis, Noland King, Peyton Derr, Chance Frater, Addie Barns, Kaiden Weaks, Wesley Spires, Derek LeVan, Emma Wenger

Big Walnut

Kyle Akers, Jenna Allen, Macy Atherton, Maddie Baisden, Jacob Bingham, Ethan Brant, Heather Cade, Richie Cunningham, Cammie Daniels, Chris Dible, Caleb Durheim, Caroline Elicson, Maura Flanagan, Jacob Gillespie, Hunter Hines, Christian Jodrey, Bri Lowe, Gavin McKelvey, Lucas McKelvey, Sierra Perry, Matt Rease, Cameron Reid, LeighAnn Ruhl, Jillian Salmon, Cindy Schlaegel, Rachel Sherman, Allyson Stevens, Gwyn Tanner, Lauren Thiergartner, Jayden Thomas

Catelyn Vanhoose, Kyle Williams, Chris Williams, Max Wion, Madi Withrow



Dylan Fair, Corie Hamioton, Jay Roberts, Mercedes Smith, Wyatt Spangler



Nate Claycomb, Megan Emerson, Austin Gatt, Clay Gunkelman, Caleb Smith


Buckeye Central

Savannah Barnette, Alivia Niese, Jacob Heefner, Emma Rhodes, Samantha Hinton, Steven Long


Buckeye Valley-DACC

Julianna Andres, Lauren Burke, Emily Coy, Gage Henson, Michelle Mooney, Avery Ridder, Skyelar Rock, Marina Shimizu, Carla Smith, Nathan Wintz, Mackenzie Yeager



Jeff Barker, Connor Shinaberry, Jacob Levering, Garrett Linkous, Grace Struck, Nico Wade, Morgan Lehner, Kiersen George, Liam Warren, Emma Burchett, Baylee Adams, Nick McAvoy

Brydon Ratliff, Liz Horton, Emily Pearl, Maddie Sites, Cody Hiett, Josh Shook, Riley Skaggs, Quinton Chalfant, Reagan Spires



Taylor Born, Cheyenne Welch, Louie Cira, Sami Roth, Brandon Zuercher, Emma Bower, Amos Garmatter, Ezra Price, Cole Miller, Drew Stewart


Crestview (Convoy)

Aleigh Chesbro, Hannah Barnes, Laney Jones, Kaden Short, Morgan Dowler, Madelyn Lamb, Liliana Dietrich, Aurora Longstreth, Danee Krouse, Alexis Ward, Amber Young, Sam Klinger, Hailey Speaks


Crestview (Ashland)

Sage Baith, Skyler Branham, Emily Fry, Austin Hendrix, Lillian Kinstle, Sierra May, Elly Motter, Leo Ringler, Sierra Schaffer, McKinnley Snyder, Allene Watson



Molly McLarnan, Bree Crane, Morgan Bernard, Jason Stutz, Grant Colopy, Cory Davis, Skyler Kerr



Tyler Hyott, MaKenzee Sheely, Cole Riches, Cory Waugh, Hunter Tresnan-Reighard, Jaden Moreno-Agsten, Walker Sniegowski


East Clinton

Kori Kile, Nathan Vest, Sarah Ross, Carlie Ellis





Ross Beaverson, Rory Farmer, Kendra Hagg, Joshua Hahn, Taylor Hannan, Montgomery Kramer, Erica Lang, Kyla McCoy, Brooke Moenter, Austen Nissen, Mason Poling, Olivia Ruffner, Hunter Shiffler, Anthony Witker



Casey Leppelmeier, Nolan Swank, Kenzie Purk, Arryn Pahl, Michael Green, Zachary Ivan


Edgewood/Butler Tech

Valorie Bentley, Tiffany Childers, Tara Creech, Leah Garver, Nicole Hale, Shelby Hobbs, Trevor Kehr, Haley Linz, Brooklyn Manning, Kenzie McQueen, Lainey Phillips, Bri Reardon, Jeffery Rice

Anna Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Jaclyn Sparks, Trinity Tye, Max Weaver



Hannah Brush, Caleb Clayton, Bentley Conley, Emma Crabtree, Hayden Gray, Joseph Greene, John Isler, Koal Lester, Kayedon Martin, Rebekah Muselin, Carter Sager, Samantha Sands, Heather Swartz, Ava Tack



Zachary George, Anna Gudakunst, Austin Kimble, Dustin Moses, Makaila Paynter, Adam Smith, Gibb Story, Audrey VanScoder, Noah Veryser, Savanna Walter, Anthony Wise



Kamryn Ruetz, Matthew Fritsch, Brandon Hassen, Mason Henricks, William Newcomb, Brian Fritsch, Mason Loeffler, Jack Krispin, Levi Moore


Fairfield Union

Allison Baker, Braydon Barber, Nickolas Barrett, Emily Freeland, Jeffrey King, Jaden Miller, Joshua Starner, Abigail Stewart, Alyssa Swick



Tristan McGuire


Federal Hocking

Taylor Goeglein, Herron Linscott, Kaitlin Walraven, Seirra Stover



Madison Baird, Harlie Brandenburg, Amy Davenport, Kyra Davidson, Cayleigh Donovan, Jocelyn Johnson, Seven Jones, Cassidy Louderback, Logan Moore, Timberli Osborne, Bryce Reeves, Brayden Sponcil, Mallory Taulbee, Olivua Taylor, Blake Terry, Nick Violette



Kaleb Carver, Keith Cornwell, Chance Coultrip, Luke Dempsey, Taylor Kenska, Nate Kraus, Tad Miller, Jacob Schmitz, Bert Tenorio


Fort Loramie-UVCC

Nora Beresik, Blake Holthaus, James Keller, Olivia McGee, Jenna Pleiman, Justin Puthoff, Hank Ruhenkamp, Mark Seger, Hannah Siegel





Marissa Simmons, Falon Smith, Jake Sanders, and William Manning


Gamble Montessori

Breasia Venice, Anthony Allen, Michael McCants



Chloe Apone, JJ Blanton, Alex Cunningham, Taelor Cydrus, Luke Downing, Mallory Goodbar, Lydia Henry, Gabriella Hicks, Camryn Hobbs, Kaylee Hobbs, Megan Hodge, Arianna Holler, Anthony Hooper, Jarrett Lozan, Noah Mize, Blaise Morris, Riley Patrick, Justin Paulus, Sierra Potter, Katelyn Rogers, Autumn Ruff, Madison Smith, Reagan Ware, Makenna Young, Caitlin Votaw, Evan Wright


Hardin Northern

Brayden Flowers, Nick Gauntt, Audrey Grindell, Alex Jackson, Joe Johnson, Will Jones, Cassidy Lamb, Frank McCoy, Megan Miller, Seth Parsons, Daylin Pees, Kara Pugh, Tristan Steele, Alex Stewart, Zac Warmbrod



Abigail Erdy, Denim Phillips, Jenna Rogers, Kelsey Caulley, Dylan Stillwell, Drew Pinkerton, Steven Bennett, Cody Baisden, Kennedy Fulks, Kaitlyn Huff, Mikayla Hinton



Joe Helterbrand, Alora Brown, Jaiden Hughes



Shawna Barr, Elizabeth Derr, Brock Hoverstock, Jarrod Lifer, Clay Schoen



Evan Palmer



Abi Viers, Alyssa Steele, Aubrie Roop, Jenni Walters, Madi Brown, Tyler Linley, Anna Neufarth, Summer Johnson, Olivia Steele, Austin Holdren, Emily Haubeil, Emily Morris, Lauryl Shope, Layla Steele


Indian Lake OHP

Lexi Clem, Jessica Evans, Bethany Golliday, Kaden Harford, Megan Keckler, Nikita Scheifele, Callie Stidam


Jackson Center-UVCC

Michael Back, Sierra Moorman, Lexi Schmiesing, Megan Argabright, Garrett Prenger, Austin Borchers


John Glenn

John Sears



Izzy Molton, Taylor Armstrong, Chase VanDeest


Kenton OHP

Meredith Bischoff, Garrett Thomas, Kennedie Farthing, Adrianna Wright, Brady Cameron, Grace Rall, Sydney Geberin, Chloe Schlatter, Abigail Gerding, Michaela Markwell, Logan LeVan


Trent Mathias, Levi Schwochow, Mark Blevins, Charles Thomas


Liberty Center

Barron Beard, Ethan Borstelman, Drew Bowser, Zachary Bowers, Elijah Box, Courtney Clevenger, Carter Critchet-Burdue, Thomas III Dennis, Hanna Feather, Brecken Garretson

Weston Garretson, Tyler Grooms, Keirstin Hoffer-McClure, Colin Johnson, Caleb Kahle, Conner Keller, Bethany Marlow, Dezirae Marr, Sydnee McCue, Christopher Miles, Riley Miller, Cambron Moll, Trenton Murdock, Alex Righi, Elizabeth Segura, Aaron Shafer, Lydia Shank, Zachary Skeens

Mikhaela Vela, Maguire Vollmar, Mallory Vollmar, Sydney McCue, Darin Weaver, Kirsten Weirauch, Kyle Williams, Matthew Winterfeld, Harmony Young


Logan Elm

Kayla Bowens


Lorain County JVS

Kaitlyn Stevens, Nathan White, Dakota White, Jordan Beese, Emerald Chimileski, Wyatt Collins, Logan Fuell, Jordan Horton, Ky’Lynn Miller, Seth Miller, Josh Morlock, Skyler Mshabbek, Madelyn O’Conner



Gavin Frazier, Ian Gragg, Zach Gregory, Kurt Hamilton, Ryan Hornschemeier, Reece Hunley, Hunter Mootz, Annalyse Warner, Hailee Waits, Kara Williams, Loranda Wilson, Brandon Young, Jacob Young



Alyssa Blumenschein, Trevor Cantwell, Haley Cook, Ian Johnson, Sydney Lee, Dariel Marcado, Aubrey Moser, Leah Potter, Dante Shears, Skye Shuler-Soto, Faith Trouten, Gabby Watson, Mitch Weinbrecht



Kashis Alexander, Madison Bell, Shyann Benner, Austin Bennett, Dakota Bland, Cierra Bolender, Carter Campbell, KaiJai Craycraft, Baylee Edenfield, Samuel Faulconer, Kathryn Graham, Larry Gruber, Justin Hall, Hannah Helterbrand, Haley Hinkle, Jacob Knedler, Levi Mathews, Elijah McMurry, Tida Monroe, Trenton Newkirk, Madi Noel, Jacob Parks, Harley Penwell, Chico Pitzer, Summer Richards, Natalie Rolfe, Cassidy Shutts, Dalton Sowers, Madison Stapleton, Halie Taylor, Nathaniel Terrell, Alex Thomas, Elizabeth Williams



Matthew Pierce, Thomas VanAtta, Zach Bryan, Boden Bishop, Katelyn Sheeks, Skylar Lance, Matt Davis, Chloe August, Olivia Adams



Noah Wolf, Morgan Hamby, Ross McNary, Colin Hartley, Logan Hurst, Emma Wilson, Tyson Adams, Kasey Schipfer, Gloria Terry, Madison Boggs, Trent Gaus


Miami East-MVCTC

Kearsten Kirby, Ethin Bendickson, Michael Bair, Savannah Holzen, Luke Gilliland, Elizabeth Bair


Miami Trace

Dylan Abel, Kaitlin Arnold, Trevor Barker, Grant DeBruin, Morgan Eggleton, Cole Enochs, Austin Gozy, Regan Hagler, Jacob Harris, Corben Hastings, Hunter Hoover, Jacob Hoppes, Taylor Ivey, Mackenzie Jean, Grayson Keller, Kyle Lindsey, Shana Lott, Landon Lyons, Anthony Mayer, Aubrey McCoy, Kahlin Orso, Kylie Pettit, Gavin Puckett, Anita Pursell, Javin Robinette, Hunter Roush, David Rutherford, Aubrey, Schwartz, Samantha Sever, David Sheets, Kaitlin Smith, Ben Speakman, Devan Thomas, Bayley Thompson, Victoria Waits, Dawson Wallace, Matthew Warner, Katie Watson, Bethany Weidman, Austin Wilson


Miami Valley CTC

Ross Dapore; Austin Jackson; Thomas Walters; Levi Herrmann; Billy Croucher; Zachary Nickerson; Michael Franz; Timothy Lavy; Lane Murphy; Logan Ahrens; Sierra Hurst; Colin Johnson; Cody Kurylowich; Cole Riegel; Brandon Roark; Jayden Short; Tony Stankus


Milton-Union MVCTC

Joel Cress, Emily Hornberger, Justin Thomas, Webb Kress, Abygail Mullen



Cora Gillespie, Cylee Bratton, Abigail Keeton, Abigail Goolsby, Robert Wickline, Cheyenne Hunt


Mt Gilead

Taylor Stephen, Aunica Doller, Nora Kelty, Mackenzie Strahm, Cameran Thornton, Niki James, Mathew Exline, Alexis McCoy


Mount Vernon

Alyse Ladig, Michael Shelt, Andrea Origel, Hailey Henry



Alyssa Reynolds, Alex Hayes, Keara Knepshield, Hayley Moore, Lily Preston, Katelyn Redick, Kristin Denlinger, Peyton Ryan, Chloee Thomas, Brittany Ployer-Heindl, Ross Dapore, Josiah Kirchhofer, Kiley Oberer


New Riegel

Andy Nye, Trevor Chaffin


North Central

Jack Bailey, Sidney Bell, Manny Cruz, Michael Cummins, Taylor Fenicle, Ashlyn Helms, Kimmy Knepper, Alex Lehsten, Kailey Siebeneck, Levi Williams



Andrew Andrews, Hannah Bilderback, Isabella Clark, Emily Climer, Dylen Conley, Brooklynn Cornwell, Logan Eblin, Alissa Gockenbach, Robert Halfhill, Leota Lane, Anna Mullins, Blu Santmire, Anthony Severns, Hunter Shrubb, Gerran Small, Benjamin Smith


Northwestern Clark

Mason Chrisman, Zach Comer, Kyle Crew, Brandon Eads, Allison Emory, Austin Eubanks, Ethan Farmer, Sydney Foster, Aaron Ingerman, Christian Kaffenbarger, Colton Knapp, Justin Legge Jr., Brittanie Levi, Taylor Lewis, Caden May, Madison Piatt, Wade Reynolds, Millard Rife, Mattie Robinette, Samantha Roman, Evan Russell, Korbin Spencer, Adelyn Stalder, Hannah Swensen

Gavin Thomas, Rileigh Voorhees, Dylan Wheeler


Oak Hill

Vinny Adams, Timea Burnett, Austin Campbell, Jazmine Carter, Triston Diltz, Alyssa Gray, Chase Hammond, Olivia Jones, Chuck King, Ashlee Kiser, Abby Meldick, Isaac Morgan, Haley Newman, Kiera Salmons


Ohio Valley

Kamden Crum, Joseph Crum, Ernest Harper, Darrin Davis, Whitney Hill, Kaitlyn Shreffler, Heidi Price, Amber Grooms, Heidi Price, Cortney Brown, Douglas Harper, Cortney Brown, Douglas Harper


Oregon Clay

Trenton Chandler, Kaylee Church, Jenna Foco, Christa George, Angelina Kurek, Jacob Perry, Brian Spencer, Elizabeth Spitler, Jasmine Stringham



Trey Battin, Isaac Brewster, Kylie Brinkman, Taylor Cepek, Dane Creps, Brittany Euler, Stephanie Garcia, Anne Galssford, Ben Gray, Noah Keifer, Maggie Lehsten, Brynne Limes, Janelle Moser, Amelia Pullins



Rachel Barrett, Sidney Doner, Alexis Cairnes, Corey Walls, Caleb Kinney, David Sheets, Carley Boeckman, Ansley Burtch, Sophia Miller, Cary Agler, Leah Harshamn, Kiersten Roehm, Olivia Zimmerman, Ryan Hesse, Nick Hawk, Grace Rogers, Katie Hauter



Riley Noffsinger, Jordyn Merriman, Olivia Stallard, Kennedy Foor, Hannah Eckhart, Jonathan Reinhard, Shannon Hale



Jessica McWatters, Matthew Rupp, Ava Hoylman, Jaton Zuver, Libby Cerda, Brett Coopshaw, NicK Davis, Graeme Jacoby, Lauren Moore, Austin Rearick, Logan Reiniche, Payne Reiniche, Isaac Reynolds



Raegan Alsept, Josh Cox, Olivia Fidler, William Flaherty, Susan Grube, Katlynn Jones, Jamie Miller, Karsyn Smart, Peyton Young


Preble Shawnee

Jacob Doty, Bailey Lamb, Carter Roell, Megan Roell


R.G. Drage CTC

Ella Abraham, Krista Diekmann, Raven Firestone, Brooke Fribley, Megan Hampe, Lauren LeCount-Hughes, Hannah McClelland, Chloe Richardson, Garbielle Riley-Keehn, Skylar Snyder, Mercedes Williams, Madelynn Zerbe


Racine Southern

Austin Rose, Raeven Reedy



Haleigh Blevins, Nathan Blevins, Riley Brown, Clayton Lust, Grant Park, Cheyanne Parker, Jesse Schertzer, Abigayle Schreck, Trystyn Bivins, Samuel Leach, Claire Lust, Madison Staton, Peyton Breece



Abigail Penhorwood, Autumn Manns, Brooklynne Dilbone, Cameron Lowery, Connor Martino, Gage Furer, Grace Miller, Hannah Amburgey, Haydon Apolinar, Hayley Prater, Isaiah Savage, Jackson Reppart, Kaylynn Bailey, Keeley Harp, Kelsey Stanfield, Levi Beiler, Madisen Jolliff, MaKynna Parthemore, Mekenzie Jolliff, Mikayla Rigdon, Rebecca Bash, Sean Bennett, Seth Davis, Sidney Smalley, Tyrese Patterson



Juleigha Collier, Wyatt Price, Ethan Shane, Hunter Shane




Branson Van Fleet


Southeastern (Clark)

Tucker Eriksen, Bryce Grim, Alyssa Lambert, Dakota Lambert, Colter Moore, Nick Powell, Aubrey Workman, Olivia Workman, Mozie vanRaaij



Tori Buggert, Hunter Christman, Taye Clark, Colton Eutsler, Austin Fetzer, Grayson Ford, Nate Hamilton, Emily Harrod, Taylor Hobbs, Garrett Jones, McKenna Jones, Jenna Litsey, Joel Lotz, Tyler Mack, Eagan Martinez, Maverick Mohr, Alyssa Myers, Mason Myers, Alexis Reier, Abigail Schwartz, Ty Whitney, Jonathon Wiechart, Evan Wurst, Eli Yahl


St. Marys

Ally Ott, Riley Sweigart, Nate Knatz, Luke Schloemer, Kayla Puschel, Ashley Dawson, Kennedi Burd, Matthew Phipps, Autumn Deller, Brooke Yahl


Talawanda Butler Tech

Kae’la Barger, Andrew Beckett, Justin Beckner, Jennifer Bittner, Gabriella Clausen, Grace Clausen, Roland Clausen, Kasey Condo, Joseph Copeland, Spencer Crauder, Gaege Feix, Sarah Ferneding, Alexis Green, Eliza Jones, Evan Keebler, Quinten Lake, Hannah Lightfield, Owen Lohrey, Josh Niehoff, Dalton Norris, Autumn Redpath, Dalton Schlichter, Michael Schwab, Reagan Shepherd, Austin Sherman, Magnolia Sorensen, Grace Suit, Rylan Tincher, Aidan Vrabel, Wil Weber, Peyton Weekley, Michael Wise, Trevor Zaenkert



Ellie Gehret, Tyler Novak, Courtney Hamilton, Skylar Seals, Anna Dewitt, Gatlyn Berner, Katelyn Kennedy, Hannah Franks, Gage Kitchens, Gage Snyder, Caden Lamb, Aaron Shaner, Nash Vandyne, Cameron Franks, Maddison Wilson



Briley Boes, Chance Kaminski, Madison Keefe, Brayden Prenzlin, Zoey Wright, Cole Zimmerman



Cierra Black, Reagan Polasek, Nick Helmke, Morgan Burk


Tolles Career & Technical Center

Isabella Cannell, Alexzandrea Castle, Colton Cleaver, Emily Donato, Audrey Finfrock, Justin Hoffman, Madison Kupsky, Kayleen Martin, Luke McLoughlin, Alena Peck, Lacey Phillips, Angelica Pollock, Hailey Richards, Alea Richesson, Noah Santa-Emma, Raegan Sherfey, Elizabeth Whitmore, Jacob Vasiloff


Tri-County North MVCTC

Delaney Shively



Austin Brewer, Shelby Cline, Dominic DiGiacomo, Colton Foos, Dylan Garlock, Bryan Himes, Jacob Himes, Lauren Hippely, Dustin Hall, Bodey Kiko, Shelby Kornbau, Jeremiah Peters, Molly Sell, Alyssa Shaffer, Cassidy Smith, Gabe Snyder



Sierra Sinclair, Elizabeth Burdiss, Breanna Tonkery, Cassie Dennis, Bethany Holstein


Wayne County Schools Career Center

Tyler Ahrens, Reese Barstow, Dakota Baughman, Dirk Bauman, Madison Blough, Aaron Bower, Savanna Burr, Zack Carter, Lilly Clow, Austin Cox, Louis Czibor, Luke Daley, Jamarque Evans, Crystal Floyd, Kayla Franks, Hannah Green, Bridget Halsey, Matthew Harlan, Nathan Hemmann, Kyle Hutchison, Jesse Hyatt, Kent Kindy, Karen LeDoux, Chase Leighty, Caleb Lewis, Landon Neptune, Cassidy Paden, Calesa Phillips, Dustin Pumphrey, Keerston Rummell, Myranda Smith, Madelon Snyder, Sara Toney, Madison Vandriest, Brooke Wyss



Taylor Bealer, Brandon Bremke, MiKailah Godsey, Kinsey Grose, Richard Ingrassia, Mason McClellan, Scott McCraw, Matthew Shinksy, Micah Smiley, Blake Spiekerman, Hailey Staffeld, Madison Szakacs, Lukas Tandarich



Kimber Colahan, Marcy Dudgeon, Brandon Fleak, Jacob Hawkes, Hannah Johnston, Julian Jude, Lucas List, Megan Lowery, Zachary Martin, Darby Minor, Riley Minor, Mason Music, Madison Rice, Justin Schobeloch, Jayden Schooley, Taylor Thomas, Parker Thornton, Destiny Tracewell, Raelyn Vance, Dakota Warren, Jacob Tennihill, Zander Pence, Payton Zinn, Faith Robinson, Hayden Lemaster, Amy Ball


West Holmes

Hayleigh Bender, Megan Brannon, Ethan Drzazga, Hannah Goines, Macin Hager, Braxton Lint, Phillip Lepley, Lexi Ogi, Kylie Ramirez, Ethan Reining, Lucas Shaum, Brayden Shumaker, Tierra Slaubaugh, Chase Stitzlein, Maddie Stitzlein


West Union

Angela Abercrombie, Linda Lynch, Grant McCarty, Steven Runyan, Anna Shupert, Brycen Staten




Cade Burroughs, Julia Cuevas, Regan Draeger, Seth Drossel, Peyton Gutierrez, Dylan LaFountain, Pierce Overmyer, Nevaeh Savage, Aidan Treat, Jeremy Tingley, Caitlin Willey and Raina Yerg



Rylee Alspach, Carson Heinlen, Lainey Holman, Jodie Jennings, Hannah Messmer, Paige Rex, Wyatt Rothhaar, Savannah Tobias, Kimberly Tuck, Madison Wagner, Thomas Weithman, Addison Wood

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  4. it’s been really bad. Hope things are back t

  5. Hows the covid situation has af

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