Ohio beef farmers stepping up to help those in need

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact communities across the state, the Ohio Beef Council (OBC) has established the Beef Families Care Fund (BFCF), a matching program to assist non-profit agricultural groups that are working to provide beef meals and nutrition education to Ohioans in need and encourage beef consumption in communities across the state.

“Ohio beef farmers are proud to help feed their local communities,” said Jamie Graham, chairman of the OBC Operating Committee. “We are firmly committed to caring for and supporting Ohioans struggling with food insecurity.”

BFCF is made possible through the Ohio Beef Checkoff Program and will continue through the remainder of 2020. This one-time program is a direct result of several pandemic-related event cancelations, including the 2020 Ohio State Fair.

“The goal of the checkoff is to promote Ohio beef and it has been very challenging with a lot of the face-to-face communication and the promotions we try to do with things being canceled,” Graham said. “This was a good way to promote Ohio beef and it helps those in need.”

OBC has reallocated these beef checkoff resources to assist groups that are providing beef meals and nutrition education to local food banks, food pantries, soup kitchens, and other entities that help to feed hungry Ohioans. Matching funds are available to groups and their projects for up to $5,000, per project and entity. Funds can be used for beef processing expenses, direct beef donations and other projects as deemed acceptable by OBC.

Ohio’s beef farming families recognize that beef is a nutritious source of several essential nutrients, such as protein, zinc, iron and B vitamins, and pose health benefits to people of all ages. It is for these reasons that Ohio beef farmers are committed to ensuring that all families have access to fresh, wholesome beef.

“As an organization, we believe in taking care of others,” Graham said. “We are proud to re-allocate these funds to provide Ohio beef to local families in need. In these difficult times, no one should go hungry or struggle to find nutritious foods, like beef, to feed their loved ones.”

For more information on BFCF or to apply for funding, visit OBC’s website at https://www.ohiobeef.org. OBC and Ohio’s beef farming communities are proud to offer support to Ohioans in need, now and always.

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