New job board for Ohio’s pork industry

To keep up with the ever-growing pork industry, members of the Ohio Pork Council have made it their mission to bridge the gap between rising unemployment and a deficit workforce. This summer, the Ohio Pork Council is pleased to launch Ohio Pork Careers – a job board website that farmers can use to inform jobseekers about entry-level job opportunities available on Ohio’s pig farms.

“It is super easy to add a job in minutes with this website. If a farmer wants to post jobs on our site they have to go through a short application process. We are actually fielding all of those registrations here in house to make to ensure this website is only being used by farmers. As far as the hiring process, we turn that over to farms themselves, but we are doing an extra level of security as far as the employee registration process to make sure we are not having any issues,” said Meghann Winters, with the Ohio Pork Council. “Annually Ohio generates about 11,500 jobs within the pig farming community. There are a ton of different opportunities out there and we hope this website is helpful to both our farmer members as well as job seekers out there.”

With countless job boards being utilized within the pork industry, OPC strives to create a one-stop-shop for pork producers to turn to in their employee attraction process. Free for Ohio pork producers, job openings can be added to the site in minutes.

“Ohio’s pork producers are always seeking qualified, hardworking employees to add to their team. With the growing unemployment rate and the need for added labor on-farm, that couldn’t be more true today. takes the guess work out of the employee attraction process for farmers,” said Dave Shoup, Ohio Pork Council president.

Ohio pork producers and pork industry employers can sign up for a free account by visiting After the account application is approved by the Ohio Pork Council, members of Ohio Pork Careers will be able to access ready-to-use job titles and descriptions that can easily be formatted to fit the needs of their operation, and start posting on the job board.

“Access to qualified labor continues to be at the forefront of the Ohio Pork Council’s priorities. With Ohio Pork Careers, we hope to gain more access and break the stigma that you have to grow up in agriculture to work on a farm — that’s not the case in Ohio’s pork industry,” Shoup said.

By using the job board on, pork producers have the ability to reach thousands of jobseekers across the state of Ohio. To get started, visit and click Create an Account, or contact the Ohio Pork Council at 614-882-5887.

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