Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast, July 29, 2020

No change in the forecast in the near term. We should turn out partly to mostly sunny each day today through Friday with pleasant temps and low afternoon humidity. Drying will be excellent. Temps near normal. A few clouds can be around today near Lake Erie, and a few in far southern Ohio tomorrow. Right along the OH river we could see a spotty to isolated shower, but the threat is not large enough to really address in this forecast. There could be a similar kind of set up for Friday

A storm complex is still on the way for the eastern corn belt for the weekend. New data proposes that the action may try and stay a little farther south. WE are not taking moisture out of the forecast yet, and will still look for some shower and thunderstorm activity to develop over OH on Saturday afternoon and evening. Currently , we are not changing our forecast rain potential for the weekend event, looking for a wide range from .25″-1.25″ and 80% coverage. The map at right shows potential, as it stands right now. But, the thing we are watching right now is the potential south move of the system’s path.

Next week remains mostly dry. We see full sunshine from Tuesday afternoon through Friday with near normal temps and low humidity. This will promote good drying again. The first part of the week is more uncertain. Partly sunny, humid conditions are in on Monday, and that can trigger some scattered showers and thunderstorms late Monday evening through Tuesday morning. Rain potential there is a few hundredths to half an inch, but coverage only 60%.  The rest of the week finishes dry.

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