Ohio’s farming community and Ohio State Fair release Digital Recipe Guide

Today, a day known by many as the opening day of the Ohio State Fair, Ohio’s farming community and the Ohio State Fair are pleased to release the Ohio State Fair Favorites Digital Recipe Guide. Organizations from Ohio’s agriculture community, including: American Dairy Association Mideast, Ohio Beef Council, Ohio Farm Bureau, Ohio Pork Council, Ohio Poultry Association and Ohio Sheep Improvement Association have joined together with the Ohio State Fair to commemorate fair traditions during an unprecedented year.

“There are many reasons people come to the Ohio State Fair – animals, tradition, rides, and of course, food. Whether fairgoers are visiting the Taste of Ohio Café for a farm-fresh meal, sampling something deep-fried, or walking around with a food served on a stick, they are likely to leave with a full stomach and a smiling face,” said Virgil Strickler, CFE, General Manager, Ohio Expo Center & State Fair.

The digital recipe guide, which includes over 20 fair-inspired recipes and fan-favorites from the beloved Taste of Ohio Cafè, allows fairgoers to get a taste of the Ohio State Fair from the safety of their home, all while highlighting the work of Ohio’s farmers. With more than 77,000 farms in the state of Ohio, the agriculture community looks forward to showcasing the fruit of their labor every summer at the Ohio State Fair. During a year like none other, Ohio’s agriculture community invites your family to celebrate around the dinner table instead.

“For many, the Ohio State Fair is about the rides, games, concerts and, of course, the food. For those of us in agriculture the fair is our chance to show off our industry with fairgoers, who may have never stepped foot on a farm, and share with them how food gets from Ohio fields to the kitchen table,” said Adam Sharp, Ohio Farm Bureau Executive Vice President.

Thanks to the Ohio State Fair Favorites Digital Recipe Guide, making fair food at home has never been easier. Whether celebrating fair traditions in the kitchen or at the grill, Ohio’s farming community knows that time around the kitchen table means so much — especially now.

The Ohio Pork Council is proud to present crowd-favorite recipes like their pork loin sandwich on behalf of Ohio’s 3,500 pig farmers. The Ohio Beef Council, that represents over 17,000 Ohio beef farms, shares their BBQ beef brisket recipe. Nothing screams fair food like a good burger, and thanks to the Ohio Sheep Improvement Association, fairgoers can enjoy an American lamb and frites burger from the comfort of their home.

Although the legendary butter cow will be missed, the American Dairy Association’s chocolate ice cream recipe is sure to provide a taste of the beloved dairy products building. Thanks to the Ohio Farm Bureau and the Ohio State Fair, fair must-haves like crispy french fries and golden corn dogs can now become a weeknight meal for the family. And, last but not least, recipes from the Ohio Poultry Association put a fair-twist on breakfast with their maple butter breakfast sliders, and bring back memories from the 2019 Ohio State Fair with their fan-favorite chocolate deviled eggs.

Ohio State Fair Favorites Digital Recipe Guide is available online and can be accessed for free at https://bit.ly/OhioStateFairFavorites. For additional Ohio State Fair content, visit ohiostatefair.com/anywhere/.

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