Brett Barton counted plenty of kernels on the eastern leg of the 2019 I-75/I-71 Ohio Crop Tour.

Plenty to learn in the 2020 Virtual Crop Tour

Brett Barton loves working with farmers to help them become more efficient in what they are doing and making the most of available resources.

“We are a consulting company. We scout and write recommendations for farms. We represent the Maximum Farming System from Ag Spectrum along with other companies and other products,” said Barton, with Ohio Crop Performance, LLC based in eastern Ohio. “We are headed down the road of regenerative agriculture. Everybody talks about it and that is what we have honed in on. I work with things like using cover crops to your advantage and the efficient use of dairy manure and using other resources like pastures and grazing cornstalks. We are trying to do more with less and make use of the resources we already have.”

Barton’s work fits right in with his sponsorship of this year’s 2020 Virtual Crop Tour. The effort will hopefully generate quite a bit of useful information that can be used to make better crop management decisions in the future.

“When participating in crop tours, you can get different opinions on things and it gives you a lot of different ideas to take back home to your operation. You get to see a wide array of different practices out there,” Barton said. “With the virtual tour this year, I really think the amount of data we could be receiving could get us closer on the yields we will be projecting. I plan on going down to see some fields in Muskingum and Coshocton counties, which are two counties we don’t usually go to on the crop tour.”

As a crop tour veteran, Barton advises those out estimating yields to find fields that are representative of the area.

“Don’t be afraid to show us some of your not-so-great fields so we can really see what is going on out there,” he said. “Don’t just pick the best fields. Maybe we’ll get enough online comments about what you find to help make some of those fields better in the future.”

For more about Ohio Crop Performance, follow along on Facebook at or contact Barton at 419-651-3075 or

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