Benjamin Logan FFA Officer Retreat 2020

By Ava Boysel, chapter reporter

The Benjamin Logan FFA Officer Retreat was held on August 10th and August 14th. This event was held at Benjamin Logan High School as work and collaboration days. Officers spent hours working on their books.  This was difficult for most because Covid-19 had prevented FFA events from being held and set back lots of plans the organization had prepared for. 

On August 14th, the officers were joined by new BLHS Administrators, Dr. Brian Powderly and Mr. Jeff Amspoker as well as retired Principal, Mr. Mark Butler and teacher, Mr. Jason Smith.  The small group enjoyed fellowship and learning more about their new administration.  The officers can agree that they loved the chance at finally being able to be around each other and do some long over-due work. This 2-day event was successful because of all that was accomplished in those days from setting a calendar to organizing the shop to updating the roster and officer books. This event helped make up for months of missed opportunities since March. Overall, the event was extremely successful and aided in the catching up of many subjects. 

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