Muskingum Co. corn

Crop tour by county: 2020 virtual crop tour of Ohio corn

Allen County

This May 4 planted field had a final stand count within 1,000 of planted. Ear size shrinks on clay hills, but every stalk has an ear. There was no insect or disease pressure. It was at milk stage with a yield of 140 to 150 bushels depending on where in field you pull sample. There is a great final stand count, but ear size on clay hills suffered due to lack of moisture.

Allen Co. corn

There was a great final stand in this field planted May 5. It had even height across the field. There was light northern corn leaf blight. Yield estimate: 185 bushels.

Ashland County

The corn is in need of rain. It had a yield estimate of 210 bushels but may have trouble reaching that potential without some additional rain.

Ashland Co. corn

Brown County

The corn looked great. No stress. Great pollination and no disease. It was planted May 30 and the yield estimate was 275 bushels per acre.

Brown Co. corn

Champaign County

This was planted April 21. There was highly variable pollination and ear fill by soil type. Yield estimate: 152 bushels.

The early dry spell affected the rows around in the field planted on May 5. Later rains led to good pollination and ear fill. Overall this field is looking good with a yield estimate of 204 bushels.

Champaign Co. had some uneven pollination.

Clinton County

Crops look great for limited rains in areas at times. This first field was planted May 13. The first very concerning problem was the tip-back and bird damage in the very first field of corn planted with a yield estimate of 225 bushels per acre.

Directly across the fencerow, the corn was planted May 29 with no bird damage and a very healthy, great stand. The ears were filled clear to tip. The yield estimate is 260 bushels per acre.

Bottom ground that hasn’t had corn in 20 plus years planted May 31 was very healthy with no damage and little disease pressure. The yield estimate here is 265 bushels per acre but could use more rain to increase kernel depth and size.

Corn planted May 17 before we had several inches and below normal temperatures comes in at 245 bushels per acre. Populations on the early corn were around 28,000 to 30,000 but larger ears made up for the lower population.

To the northern end of Clinton County, where it has been much drier than the south end, corn planted May 26 was estimated at 259 bushels per acre.

All corn was sprayed with fungicide at V5 or with airplane at tassel. In general, disease pressure was limited with some gray leaf spot. There was some tip back in early corn and full ears in late corn.

Columbiana County

The field was planted June 1. It was in a fairly dry area, however it was exhibiting steady growth and healthy development of stalks and ears. Pollination was consistent and ear fill was even. The yield estimate was 204.45 bushels.

Coshocton County

There was deer damage and a need for some rain in this field with a strong yield potential of 214 bushels. More rainfall is going to be needed to get to that yield level, though.

This was a good bottom field that looked really good from the road but many of the sample ears were only 14 rows around — possibly due to stress at the row set time. It hurt the yield check. It was planted May 5. The actual yield will be better than the samples that showed 182 bushels. There was also some bird damage in the field. Otherwise there was no disease pressure or insect issues. Ear fill was excellent.

There was some bird damage found in this Coshocton County corn.

The field was planted May 30 and had some spots that were struggling due to drought conditions and lighter soils. Good spots will average 186+ but some locations will be lucky to yield 50. The yield average looks like 140 bushels.

There was a range of 190 to 225 yield estimates in this field planted April 26.There was slight disease pressure and no pest pressure.

Yield estimate: 210.

Crawford County

The entire field was replanted on May 29. The corn is about 9 feet tall. There is firing on the bottom 3 leaves and slight tip-back, but even ear fill otherwise very consistent at 16 around on ears. The projected yield was 184 bushels.

Crawford Co. corn

Darke County

This corn was planted on April 20 and froze off to the ground Mother’s Day weekend but has come back strong and is very even. We were dry in June but have had greater than an inch of rain per week since July 1. There is no disease pressure at all. Yield did not calculate out as strong as it looked from the road, though, at 151.3 bushels per acre. There is some tip back.

Defiance County

The May 11-planted corn field was 180 degrees different from a year ago. The yield was estimated to be 100% greater than 2019 (because in 2019 there were not ears to evaluate). The corn field was a 111-day hybrid. It had a final stand between 32,000 and 33,000 plants per acre, with generally small ears at this point. The field had recently finished pollinating, and some of the ears were relatively immature. Uneven emergence was evident in the size of some of the corn plants. This was largely due to weather stress and ground conditions. The corn was relatively short, but the ears evaluated show potential for a fair to good yield if some timely rains come. Unfortunately, the field missed out on the Monday night rain, and no additional precipitation is in the forecast until the coming weekend.

Disease and pest pressure were low. The field had been sprayed with fungicide and insecticide early. There was some kernel abortion at upper 10% of the ear tip. The yield estimate was 178.3 bushels.

Delaware County

The corn went in on June 4. It was no-tilled into wet conditions and received just enough rain at just the right time. Pollination had recently finished, just missing the hot weather. I think the yield estimate is high and there is still a lot of runway for this field before it is in the bin. One check was 230 but there is no way it will finish there. There was very light GLS on lower leaves with excellent ear fill so far and a yield estimate of 215 bushels.

Delaware Co. corn

Franklin County

This field is looking very good. It was planted June 3 and still pollinating. It had little disease and insect pressure and was extremely green, no stress. There is a little tip back and a nice 210-bushel yield estimate.

Franklin County corn

Fulton County

This corn was planted May 4. The field was experiencing heat/drought stress. This operation’s yields, like this field, vary from sub-100 bushels up to 215 bushels per acre. Ears were not pollinated to the tips. There were small and shallow kernels. There was no insect or disease pressure and a yield estimate of this field of 174 bushels. Stalks showed signs of heat and drought stress.

Fulton Co. corn

This April 28 planted corn looked healthy despite the dry conditions. There was some grey leaf spot and a yield estimate of 199 bushels.

Population in this field planted on May 6 was variable due to conditions at planting. However, kernels per ear were very consistent. Ear fill was moderate and the field was fair with a yield estimate of 163 bushels.

Hancock County

This field was planted on May 4. The area has been blessed with some rain and the crops are looking very good. In the field we didn’t detect disease or much insect damage, although raccoons are doing damage. The ear fill was 2 inches or so from the end, but well pollenated over all. The yield potential is a very promising 237 bushels.

The field was planted the first time May 5 but had a replant on May 27 for part of the field. The early-planted corn averaged 118 and the later replanted corn was 192. There was very little disease pressure and some slight tip-back with an overall yield of 155 bushels.

The field was planted May 4 and has a great stand, great color, and decent height, but smaller ears. Second ears on some plants do not have much to give. There was little disease or bug pressure. This field just missed some much needed rain. Field was no-till as with NH3 applied. The kernels were shallow and the yield estimate is 175 bushels.

Hancock Co. corn

Hardin County

This May 9 planted field had some thin spots. I would guess the field will do somewhere in the 160 to 170-bushel range, lower than what was calculated. Fungicide was not applied and pest pressure was low. The ear fill was good.

This field was planted May 6 and is looking good. The ear fill was good, population was solid and there were no pest or disease issues. The yield estimate is a strong 221 bushels.

Highland County

This field was planted May 31. It was just pollinating, but mostly done. It was 75% to 80% brown silk and still shedding pollen. It had good health and was green all the way to the ground. The 3 ears sampled averaged 15.33 around and 32 long in a stand of 35,000 with harvestable ears. The disease pressure was very low. Fungicide was applied at VT. There was still gray leaf spot on the bottom few leaves. Pest pressure was negligible. Ear fill was fairly good, with 4 to 6 kernels tip back. The yield estimate: 202 bushels.

Highland Co. corn

Holmes County

Samples were taken from 2 fields planted a day apart on the same farm. One hybrid is 97-day and the other is a 115-day silage hybrid. The average yield across the fields was 222 bushels.

Holmes Co. corn

Knox County

This field was planted May 19 and was generally good but had incomplete ear fill. There was minimal pest pressure and no disease pressure. The yield guess in 208 bushels.

I found a very clean field with no weed, insect or disease pressure. It was planted May 6. The yield estimate is 198 bushels.

Knox Co. corn

Lucas County

This field was planted April 20. There is a little top-back, but no insect or disease pressure. The yield estimate is 227 bushels.

May 6 was the planting date for this 105-day corn in southern Lucas County. The plant population averaged 31,500. The yield estimate is 224 bushels.

Madison County

It was very dry for this corn planted on May 9. Disease and insect pressure were low. Ear fill was decent with some pollination issues. The yield estimate is 169 bushels.

Madison Co. corn

Mercer County

This was an excellent looking field planted on May 6. It was 8 foot tall with no pests or diseases. Yield estimate: 250 bushels.

Morrow County

This corn was planted on June 2 — two different hybrids. One hybrid was still pollinating but looking good with a 210-bushel estimate. The second hybrid was also still pollinating with a yield of 195 bushels. A fungicide had been applied to both field and disease pressure was low. Both could still use some good moisture to reach their potential.

Morrow Co. corn

Muskingum County

There was low pest pressure, but it had been 10 days since the last rain and dry spots were obvious in the field planted May 8. It needs rain, but the yield estimate is 206 bushels.

Muskingum Co. corn

Paulding County

There was relatively short corn crop (height) with small girth stalks and an average plant population of 37,000. One spot was as high as 40,000. It was a clean field sprayed with fungicide and insecticide. I think the calculation formula overestimated the yield on this field with an estimate of 225 bushels. The yield history is not this high. The ears seemed small, and will need the right conditions moving forward to fill out the kernels. Stalk strength could be a problem with lodging in the fall. There were a few ear tips not filled out due to kernel abortion.

Pickaway County

It was dry. The field was planted on May 16 and had low insect and disease pressure. There was firing on bottoms of the plants and some irregular pollination and tip back. Yield estimate: 198.5 bushels.

Pickaway County corn

I looked at three soil types on the farm and how they performed with the limited rainfall we’ve had. I looked at gravel, clay and dark soils and took yield samples. It was the good, the bad and the ugly with a yield of 241 bushels, 136 bushels and 78 bushels.

Pickaway County, same farm on black dirt, clay and gravel.

Putnam County

This field is in very good shape. It was planted April 27 and has a population of 36,000. There is some tip-back and yield is looking strong at 234 bushels. This field was sprayed with fungicides and has had nice rains, though it is getting dry now.

Richland County

The plants were short — only about 6 feet tall. The population was low in some areas but weed control was excellent. There were some slight pollination problems. A few areas of the field were replanted. The field was planted May 5. Overall the field is fair with slight tip back and a yield estimated of 145 bushels.

This farm is very dry, receiving under 2 inches of rain. The field was no-till planted and has population challenges with only 18,000 to 26,000. It was planted May 1. Some spots were less than 5 feet tall. Weeds were a problem in this field too, especially in low population areas. The ear fill was poor with many voids and tip back. The yield estimate is 94.5 bushels.

Plants are short, only about 6 feet tall and population is low in some areas but weed control was excellent. There are some slight pollination problems. The field was planted May 4 and a few areas of the field were replanted. There is no disease or pest pressure. There is some slight tip-back and a yield estimate of 145 bushels.

Union County

This field was planted in wet conditions of June 2 and has been extremely dry since then. The field has only gotten 1.5 inches since tassel. Dry weather has caused some stalks to not set a viable ear. Pollination suffered due to stress as well. Some GLS starting to show up and there have been pollination issues due to stress. The estimated yield is 125 to 130 bushels.

This shows two separate Union County fields with very different yield potential.

What a difference 15 miles south and 20 days earlier planting makes! This corn was planted May 15 and has a 211-bushel average and not showing any signs of stress. Fungicide and insecticide were applied two weeks ago in this very healthy corn. There was some slight tip-back.

This mid-May planted corn was weedy, with giant ragweed in large patches, plus giant foxtail and fall pannicum. Disease pressure is pretty low with some gray leaf spot about 2 leaves below the ear. There was a fair amount of insect feeding on leaves with grasshoppers. Ear fill is very good with a yield estimate of 161.3 bushels per acre. There are many double-eared plants due to a low population.

This field in the northern part of the county was planted on May 10. It was a clean field with good moisture and plenty of residue. It was well along in development but short on plants. There was some gray leaf spot, but low on plant. Northern corn leaf blight seemed to be held in check. There were Insect feeding scars on lower leaves — I assume flea beetle. Ears were willed clear to end, but may have limited yield with an estimate of 168.8 bushels. The plant population struggled likely due to challenging mid-May conditions.

This field was first planted on May 17 and replanted in spots June 9. It had just finished pollination. There was some GLS 2 leaves below the ear. Ear fill depends on plant date, but was generally good. There is good soil moisture so it can continue to fill out kernels. The yield estimate is 172.9 bushels.

Van Wert County

We know for a fact that this farm missed out on quite a bit of rain. This farm was planted April 29 and received a split application of nitrogen and a fungicide application. There was a nitrogen deficiency evident. The lack of rain at this location most likely led to a nutrient deficiency in general. It was noted during the second nitrogen application that a nutrient deficiency was evident already. There were some population issues here and there on the end rows. The center of the farm had a much better stand and the plants were much taller. The deeper you walked in the field the more things improved. This was a 109-day corn located 2 miles south of Middle Point. What this farm lacked in population it made up for in ear fill. Ears were filled from top to bottom. There was no evidence anywhere of tip back. The yield estimate is 226 bushels.

Van Wert Co. corn

Wayne County

Though more rain will be needed to maximize the potential of this already dry field, the 219-bushel yield potential is there.

This corn was planted on May 9. It was a generally healthy, consistent stand, with ear height at 5-feet 6 inches. The field is currently experiencing dry conditions, but not severe drought. Disease pressure is light, but there is some above the ear. There is limited tip back and a yield estimate of 220 bushels.

Wayne Co. corn

Williams County

This field was planted in late May to early June and located near Montpelier. Corn was in the blister stage, and field conditions have been dry overall but with little disease or insect pressure. Row spacing is 20 inches with an average stand of 32,000 plants per acre. Average number of rows was 16 and average number of kernels per row was 25 for an estimated yield of 150 bushels per acre. Ears were still in blister stage and there was some corn smut.

Corn field was located near Edgerton and has experienced hot, dry conditions overall. The stand was uniform, but the majority of ears had tip dieback, most likely due to weather conditions during pollination and kernel development. Low disease and insect pressure overall. Yield estimate: 190 bushels.

Wood County

This corn was planted April 29. The 108-day corn was planted into a field that was prevent plant in 2019, and wheat in 2018. The 2018 volunteer wheat was left go in 2019, and then terminated as a cover crop and tilled. The field had a uniform stand and uniform emergence. Final population was around 30,000. This field was not sprayed with fungicide and insecticide. The kernel depth was average to excellent. Overall it was a very nice field with good yield potential if we can get some rain to reduce the drought stress and finish out the crop and fill the kernels. There was a little northern corn leaf blight on end rows and some aborted kernels on the tips. The yield estimate was 207 bushels.

Wood Co. corn

Conditions have been dry for the last month in the corn planted on May 4. There was minimal disease pressure, though insect pressure was noted coming out of the grassy areas and the edges of the field has been sprayed. The yield estimate in the fair-rated field was 162 bushels.

This May 5 planted corn was 108-day maturity with 75% ear fill. The yield estimate is 162 bushels.

Wyandot County

The planting date was June 3. This was excellent looking corn still in the blister stage with lot of potential. The field is weed-free and the base of the tassel is 7 to 10 feet. Late rains could push this crop. It had a couple of ears 22 around most 16 or 18. There was slight tip back, but hard to tell since ears are still in blister. It was well pollinated on the rest of ear. The yield looks to be 194 bushels.

Wyandot Co. corn

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