The Coshocton County corn looked good from the road, but had some hidden bird damage.

Day 1 Crop Tour Submissions: Corn

Coshocton County

This was a good bottom field that looked really good from the road but many of the sample ears were only 14 rows around — possibly due to stress at the row set time. It hurt the yield check. It was planted May 5. The actual yield will be better than the samples that showed 182 bushels. There was also some bird damage in the field. Otherwsie there was no disease pressure or insect issues. Ear fill was excellent.

Darke County

This corn was planted on April 20 and froze off to the ground Mother’s Day weekend but has come back strong and is very even. We were dry in June but have had greater than an inch of rain per week since July 1. There is no disease pressure at all. Yield did not calculate out as strong as it looked from the road, though, at 151.3 bushels per acre. There is some tip back.

Hancock County

This field was planted on May 4. The area has been blessed with some rain and the crops are looking very good. In the field we didn’t detect disease or much insect damage, although raccoons are doing damage. The ear fill was 2 inches or so from the end, but well pollenated over all. The yield potential is a very promising 237 bushels.

Paulding County

There was relatively short corn crop (height) with small girth stalks and an average plant population of 37,000. One spot was as high as 40,000. It was a clean field sprayed with fungicide and insecticide. I think the calculation formula overestimated the yield on this field with an estimate of 225 bushels. The yield history is not this high. The ears seemed small, and will need the right conditions moving forward to fill out the kernels. Stalk strength could be a problem with lodging in the fall. There were a few ear tips not filled out due to kernel abortion.

Wood County

Conditions have been dry for the last month in the corn planted on May 4. There was minimal disease pressure, though insect pressure was noted coming out of the grassy areas and the edges of the field has been sprayed. The yield estimate in the fair-rated field was 162 bushels.

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