These Richland County soybeans look to have strong yield potential.

Day 1 Crop Tour Submissions: Soybeans

Darke County

This was a very clean soybean field with no disease or insect pressure planted on May 1. The canopy height was at 46 inches and there were six inches between nodes. There were a number of three- and four-bean pods and a yield potential of 50 to 60 bushels.

Hancock County

These May 8 planted beans were bushy and a nice height with no noticeable disease pressure but some Japanese beetle feeding. Canopy height was 34 inches with 3 to 3.5 inches between nodes. There were a few 4-bean pods and a 50- to 60-bushel yield potential.

This field was planted May 9 and included some grasshoppers and Japanese beetles. The canopy height was 44 inches with nodes spaced 3.5 to 4 inches. The later beans were still developing pods and they have had good rainfall recently. The guess here for yield was 50 to 60 bushels.

Henry County

These soybeans were planted May 4. It was a clean field with an even stand at the R5 growth stage. Disease pressure and insect pressure were low. The canopy height was 27 inches with 1.5 inches between nodes. This field had an average of 30 pods per plant and 3 beans per pod with a 50- to 60-bushel yield estimate.

Paulding County

These beans were planted on May 8. The field looks excellent with 60+-bushel yield potential. Disease and pest pressure are low. The canopy height is 36 inches with 1.5 inches between nodes. There are a number of three-bean pods with clusters of three to four pods per node.

Richland County

This field was planted on May 3 and featured healthy vigorous plants with many 3-bean pods. The canopy height was 28 inches with 2.5 inches between nodes. The field has low disease and insect pressure and a nice 50- to 60-bushel yield potential.

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