OYLE Barrow results

Grand Champion Barrow exhibitor Ella Sprang with her dark cross barrow earlier this week in Dark Cross Champion Drive. Photo credit: Linde’s Livestock Photography

Grand Champion Barrow: Ella Sprang (Dark Cross)

Reserve Champion Barrow: Ella Sprang (Reserve Dark Cross)

Third overall: Kamryn Kries (Champion Other Cross)

Fourth Overall: Wyatt King (Hampshire)

Fifth overall: Madelyn Harrison (Berkshire)

Breed results


Grand Champion: Madelyn Harrison

Reserve Champion: Oksana Gossard

Chester White

Grand Champion: Ava Genter

Reserve Champion: Seth Fearon


Grand Champion: Landon Rohr

Reserve Champion: Natalie Darner


Grand Champion: Kase Tidd

Reserve Champion: Sable Ruhenkamp


Grand Champion: Wyatt King

Reserve Champion: Caydence Scale


Grand Champion: Lindsey Dore

Reserve Champion: Brooke Huntsman

Poland China

Grand Champion: Ava Genter

Reserve Champion: Conner Smock


Grand Champion: Victoria Gossard

Reserve Champion: Ava Genter


Grand Champion: Landon Elchinger

Reserve Champion: Jacob Yenser


Grand Champion: Morgan Price

Reserve Champion: Wyatt King

Other Cross

Grand Champion: Kamryn Kries

Reserve Champion: Landon Rohr

Dark Cross

Grand Champion: Ella Sprang

Reserve Champion: Ella Sprang

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