Dale Minyo and Matt Reese talked about the incredible opportunities for women in agriculture with representatives from John Deere.

OABA launches Women Leading in Ohio Agribusiness program

Even though women have been working in agribusiness for decades, there are particular challenges that face women in professional agribusiness roles. Through small group discussions and input from members, OABA is pleased to offer a forum for women who are looking for resources from experts and peers alike to face these challenges. To meet this need, the Ohio AgriBusiness Association is launching the Women Leading in Ohio Agribusiness program.

“Through the Women Leading in Ohio Agribusiness program, Ohio’s female leaders will have a dedicated environment to discuss with their peers the challenges unique to women in agriculture,” said Chris Henney, OABA president and CEO. 

The new program will offer professional development, networking opportunities and more to OABA’s female leaders. Women new or seasoned in the industry are invited and encouraged to participate and share with one another. To kick off the program, OABA is hosting a three-session webinar series this fall:

  • Developing a mindset of career confidence
  • Working through uncomfortable/offensive situations
  • When “he” doesn’t want to work with a woman

Sessions are $75 each or $150 for the series. Additional details on the new program and registration for these events is available at www.oaba.net/events.

The Women Leaders in Ohio AgriBusiness program is made possible under OABA’s AMP’T (Advancing Modern Professionals for Tomorrow) Program — OABA’s suite of leadership programs that prepare leaders to take the next step in their professional careers.

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