Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – September 15, 2020

No change in thought process this morning. We are dry basically the rest of our coming 10 day period. Smoke from the western fires is working into our area, and that will provide some dimming of the sun the next few days, much like we saw in spots yesterday, but we have no precipitation threat. Temps will warm slightly tomorrow over today.

A cold front slowly sags southward through the region Thursday. The remains of a tropical system will be churning through the southeast, but will not threaten us. AS the cold front comes through, we expect a few more clouds around on Thursday. While we cant rule out sprinkles here and there, we really do not see any well organized moisture over Ohio. The big story with the front will be a return of colder air. Temps Friday and Saturday will be well below normal. The map below shows an update of our Friday temps as compared to normal. We will start to see south flow behind the high pressure dome warm us up on Sunday.

Dry Monday through Wednesday next week as well. Partly to mostly sunny skies are detected, and we should be normal to above normal. Next Thursday, scattered showers are starting to come together over southern WI northern IL and NW IN, but it looks to take most of the day to get that moisture to track east. So, we are leaving the finish of the 10 day period dry, and instead will talk up a few showers to start the 11-16 day extended period next Friday the 25th. Moisture will look to be scattered and light. The rest of the extended period will be mostly dry and a bit warmer than normal.

This is a great forecast for drying down crops and getting harvest to ramp up. Not a great forecast if you want “one more rain”. Map below shows rain totals through next Wednesday.

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