Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – September 18, 2020

No change in the forecast this morning. We are cool over the region the next two days. Temps today and tomorrow will be below normal. Overnight temps tonight into tomorrow morning will produce the coldest readings we have seen since April. An updated look is below. However, as we have mentioned recently, we are not concerned about any cold related problems. Sunshine will dominate the next few days, even with the cool air in place. South flow comes up the backside of high pressure for Sunday, and we start to warm.

Sunny, warm and dry weather is in control for Monday through Friday. We still are leaving a slight chance of moisture in for Thursday, but that front looks to be more of an issue farther north. Temps will be above normal all week.

A potential curve ball comes at us late next week. On Saturday, some models are projecting the remains of a tropical system to make it into the central and eastern corn belt. That storm will move into Louisiana Tuesday-Wednesday. The north track is far from guaranteed at the moment, and our bias is for a curve east south of the OH river. But it is something to watch. With that tropical influence, we could pick up a few hundredths to half an inch Saturday into Sunday. Without it, we go dry right on into the last days of September. Still, the forecast either way looks great for harvest potential and dry down potential for the next 10 days.

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