Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – September 25, 2020

Rain potential still out there for early next week. But in the meantime, harvest can roll on.

Partly to mostly sunny, warm and dry today, tomorrow and Sunday. WE see great evaporation and dry down, meaning we should be able to continue to push harvest. Temps will be above normal

Clouds develop Monday. Scattered showers start in NW and west central OH mid to late afternoon Monday afternoon, and then we see showers off and on spreading across the state through the overnight and most of Tuesday. Thunderstorms still look to be mostly unlikely, but if we see any it would be down near the OH river. We are expanding rain coverage to 80% of the state, and will put rain totals at .1″-.75″. This will be enough to trigger a slight delay of a day or two in ability to cut.

We are back to dry weather already on Wednesday, with partly sunny skies in for Wednesday through Saturday. There may be a few pop up showers overnight Friday night with only 25% coverage. Those come about because of a dramatic change in air mass to much cooler conditions to finish the week. Think of it as moisture getting “wrung out” of the remains of the previously warm airmass. Nothing dramatic. However, the temperature change for Thursday into the start of next weekend will be dramatic, with much cooler temps. Daytime highs will be 50s to low 60s, and overnight lows will be 40s. We still do not have any concern about frost, but we will see a move quickly to more “autumn like” conditions. Still, with no new significant precipitation, we should continue to see decent evaporation and dry down, allowing for harvest to start back up.

The extended period will be warmer, as south flow develops next Sunday (4th) behind the cool surge. The pattern back across the rest of the country suggests we are in a mostly dry set up for the 11-16 day window. Temps will be normal to above.

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