September means Farm Science Review…

By Harold Watters, Ohio State University Extension agronomist

…But it’s going virtual this year. The dates stay the same as planned for the in-person show – September 22 to 24. I for one am looking forward to seeing how the staff, exhibitors, and OSU educators pull this off. There has been a lot of shuffling since the decision was made to go virtual but most details will be in place by about Sept. 1. Go to the website after the first of September and start to put your plan for your virtual visit together. And FYI, there will be field demos, looks like there could be better visuals than you typically see because the camera can get closer to the combines, tillage tools, etc. than you could in the past.

I have some old memories of the Farm Science Review. I began work in June of 1975 as a student worker for Dale Friday, FSR Manager and Craig Fendrick, Assistant Manager. I spent most of the summer and early September getting the grounds ready for the 150,000 attendees to arrive. Work for the students was mostly by hand and we had a large crew and it got even larger as we approached the third week of September. When time for the show came, it was a cold week for the Review and I can remember a few snowflakes fell on Wednesday.

Part of my job as a student worker that summer and into the fall after the show was to assist the state Extension specialists with their agronomic crop demonstration and research plots on the east side of the exhibit area and along Don Scott Airfield runway. The specialists’ trials mostly showcased corn and soybean research and they covered work such as seeding rates, date of planting, nitrogen management and just plain crop management. Honestly this is much the same kind of work we do today, with current practices, products and genetics. My early experience there led me to work as an industry agronomist, and in many ways led me back to working for Extension.

The Agronomic Crops Team works each year to add attractions for attendees of the Farm Science Review. Our exhibit is designed to get your attention and encourage questions. This year with the virtual show, there will be walk throughs, videos, and spoken posters — I’m planning a 3- to 5-minute talk on sulfur needs in Ohio. Watch the FSR website and even the website for more information.

For more information on the Farm Science Review you can check the website:

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