Apple Farm Service continues their Blue Tractor Donation at the Clark County Fairgrounds

Visitors at the Clark County Fairgrounds or the Champions Expo Center might notice another blue tractor making its rounds around the grounds. 

A brand new Powerstar 90 tractor was delivered to the Champions Center the beginning of October. This 86-horsepower tractor will be used frequently across the fairgrounds, completing tasks like finishing the horse arena’s surface, mowing before winter, plowing snow, and whatever else requires a utility tractor. 

“We are so thankful for their continuation of this tractor sponsorship”, said Dean Blair, Executive Director of the Clark County Ag Society. “This marks the third year, and third tractor, that Apple Farm Service has allowed us to use. This is the perfect size tractor to get our jobs done efficiently.” 

Both the fairgrounds and Champions Center will have access to this tractor for the next six to twelve months with a set number of free hours to put on the tractor’s engine. The program is a cooperative agreement between New Holland Agriculture and their local dealerships.

“New Holland is a great brand to represent, and we are incredibly proud to carry it,” said Kent Holmes, marketing manager of Apple Farm Service. “Through the company’s 125 years they have always made it a point to give back to the local community. This tractor sponsorship program is just one great example of how we can work together between the brand, dealership, and our community.” 

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