River Valley FFA: Starting the Year Off Hybrid….

By: Kayleigh Aiken, chapter reporter

During 2020 there have been many struggles and difficulties that we have overcome and faced. One being schooling either all online, in person, or River Valley’s option hybrid model that started September first as an easy start. The first three days were split up by the alphabet, Tuesday the first A-G, Wednesday the second H-N, and Thursday the third O-Z. Even though it was an easy start student’s, teachers, and parents were lost because it was all new. For River Valley’s FFA chapter we’re trying to find different ways to still stay united and attend functions virtually to boost chapter members’ spirits. During these tough times it’s important for us to work together, but also keep each other safe including wearing masks, social distancing, and washing your hands frequently. Even though we’re not able to hold meetings face to face we are trying to find  ways to keep everyone in the mindset of feeling efficient, involved, and a part of this chapter because they most certainly are. 

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