The day after election day

By Matt Reese

I am writing this just after returning from the polls on Nov. 3 election day to cast my votes for 2020. It is my guess that the sun will be rising in the east on Nov. 4, 2020 regardless of the election’s outcome.

This sunrise provides some perspective to the conclusion of the raucous few months of hype, promises, rhetoric, and politicking that have bombarded Ohioans. Of course, some winners rejoiced with unbridled optimism regarding the positive changes for the future and some losers lamented the disastrous outcome for life as we know it. Ultimately, the truth of the matter is that the election results will be neither as idyllic as hoped or as horrific as feared. We have a proven system of checks and balances that (for better or worse) reign in these extremes. It may be flawed, but it keeps chugging along, just like that sun crossing the sky overhead.

This election, though, seemed that the stakes were a bit higher from the two very different presidential candidates (and their respective parties). Time will tell how things play out. Will the winners be able to point to their record of unprecedented success? Will the losers be able to legitimately claim, “I told you so?” Probably not. While the campaigns would have you believe that they were offering clear paths to ultimate success, those paths are really not that clear, or that simple.

And, while one could sit and ponder the possibilities or lost opportunities for hours, there are more pressing issues at hand in 2020 — the ongoing battle with coronavirus for example.

It would be a fool who would bet on any presidential candidate to solve all of problems of 2020 and make everyone (or even most people) happy. But I will bet that the sun will again make its rounds tomorrow and fulfill its daily duties. It has work to do, and if there any hope at a bright and improving future for this country, so do we all.

And no matter what you are feeling on this post-election day — surprise, victory, defeat, anger, joy, shock, utter 2020 confusion — it was most likely expressed on social media in the last 24 hours with regard to the election.  Here are some election musings from Twitter compiled by Kolt Buchenroth.

Kolt here picking up the reins from Matt on the night shift. I’ve been scouring the internet for the best tweets and posts from the night. An early funny of the night was a GIF – a short animation, usually from a movie and often funny – of Bugs Bunny sawing Florida off of the United States.

Some took a more historical approach – which is appreciated by the media nerds like myself. One could argue a simpler time when CBS News legend Walter Cronkite delivered the election news of ’68 as Richard Nixon defeated Hubert Humphrey.

This political commentator noticed that the major television news personalities kept saying one state consistently.

Digital strategist and podcast host Kelly Vaughn summed up the way I think everyone felt at one point throughout the night. (Also my reaction when I discovered I didn’t have access to my laptop charger.)

Parody account of former Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer tweeted a play on the electoral college map making the former coach the president.

The parody account of current coach Ryan Day (yes, these are very popular and have a large following) also had a funny buckeye-themed tweet.

Watching, watching, watching…

Playing on one of Ohio’s great winter debates (soon to be reignited after this heatwave,) Ohio State student Aaron Smith makes a pretty funny point.

My favorite of the night actually came from Facebook.

It’s clear that this election is far from over and we’re still in for a wild ride. Either way, I’m off to figure out where I can apply for a permit to own a kangaroo in America’s favorite campaign stop, the great state of Ohio.

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