Chris Winslow, director of Ohio State University’s Stone Lab on Lake Erie, holds up water samples to show the algae levels from a large algae bloom.

Ohio Attorney General creates scientific advisory council

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost has created a scientific advisory council to advise his office on current environmental issues and alert him on potential future issues. The 12-member council is made up of researchers from nine Ohio universities, with expertise ranging from harmful algal blooms to environmental law, and co-chaired by Chris Winslow, Ohio Sea Grant & Stone Lab director, and Jon Sprague, the Attorney General’s director of science and research.

“This council includes academics that are actively conducting essential research on important environmental questions,” Winslow said. “I applaud Attorney General Dave Yost for convening these scientists to inform environmental policy decisions.”

The scientific advisory council is tasked with anticipating problems and proposing solutions before negative environmental effects can play out, according to a release from the Attorney General’s office. They will also bring the latest scientific knowledge to the table as the Attorney General and his staff discuss environmental issues, regulations and enforcement.

“This is not a blue-ribbon committee set up to make people feel good about the environment,” Yost said. “I take my duty to protect Ohio’s natural resources seriously, and the scientists we’ve enlisted to share their expertise and counsel will help me accomplish this effectively and smartly.”

The full list of advisory council members includes:

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